We want to work with you

We invite you to work and enjoy our synergies. Our goal is to help people with aromatherapy and herbal medicine, both physically and emotionally and spiritually.

If you are a freelance therapist, yogini or if you have a small or large center, we will be delighted that you use and / or sell our products.

Since we know that each person and center is a world, we can create an offer that suits your needs.

We take advantage of this space to thank all the people who trust us and our products.

To have information just write to us.

  • You can explain here what you do or if you have a center or store.

Healers and / or Therapists

Our product lines are designed to facilitate and integrate practices of:

  • Healing that includes alignment and balance of chakras (reiki, yoga, etc).
  • Therapeutic techniques for overcoming blockages and personal growth, through the evolutionary tarot line that helps integrate 22 different energies represented by the arcana of the Tarot.
  • Anti-stress, connects directly with nature landscapes and can be used for both treatments and specific times when needed.


A subtle and warm tool for the therapist's work

Aromatherapy is a subtle working tool, which connects directly with the emotions and the unconscious, without the need for words. So it helps in the opening and disposition of both the therapist and the patient in each session.

It is also a contribution to daily individual work and personal growth.


Respect for nature

We work on a small scale, we choose essential oils distilled by steam and we always try to work with various local suppliers.