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III The emperor

The conqueror of the material world, consolidation and earthly structure corresponds to No. 4, structure and reason. He has already achieved the power he sought and watches it with pride. As the end of every stage is also the beginning of another, he feels a spiritual call, for which he must let go of what he has achieved, let go to advance, he runs the risk of not wanting to let go and remaining contemplating his triumphs. Also represents logic and reasoning.

The 4 in my numerology

People with the 4 as personality or destiny number tend to move within the known, they build a comfort zone that gives sufficient stability before starting any new project, as they are very analytical, once they establish a point of view or a decision, it is very difficult to change their minds, they like to have everything under control.

Useful questions for number 4:

What is my comfort zone, what am I taking care of? What do I want to achieve? What are my inflection points? How do I organize and control my relationship with situations or people? What should I understand or what should I give in to move forward?

The Kabbalistic Path of Arcane 4

In the tree of life it occupies the path number 15, Hochma (the wisdom) with Tephereth (the beauty of the self). Symbolizing the understanding of wisdom in the first construction of the self. Or the construction of the primary self guided by wisdom

Effects of synergy for Number 4.

Stability | Trust | Structure | Mental flexibility

It helps to take your place from reason, understanding and integration with the environment.

Stimulate your masculine part, the one that sees the world objectively, brings clarity and mental flexibility, security and serenity. It helps to see problems as growth experiences, and to find constructive solutions.

Decree or meditation recommended

“I express my authority to achieve balance, organize my ideas and my power to take my place in harmony with my environment.”

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