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Cancer and the Chariot

Inner Journey | Progress| Action | Sensitivity

Cancer, the crab, is the sign of sensitivity, family and security, although at first glance it is difficult to relate it to the Chariot, because it may not feel identified with external movement, it is a sign of a great internal movement, due to its sensitivity it is able to develop its interiority and deepen its unconscious, due to its vital connection with the Moon (ruling planet) and therefore also with its ancestors and guides.

Unlike other signs, ruled by two or more planets and sharing ruling planets with other signs, Cancer is ruled solely and exclusively by the Moon, which makes it extremely sensitive to changes, extreme emotionality and essential inner work for its stability and its contact with the outside world. It represents the uterus where life is gestated.

The Chariot is the Archetype of the inner journey, of discovering the essence, finding the tools and feeling safe to be able to undertake the great journey.

Symbolism of The Chariot

It is the energy that helps us to differentiate what is transcendent from what is not. To concentrate without interference on the way forward.

As we can see in the card or Arcanum of the Tarot The Chariot, the hero or King goes in an armored carriage, protected from the outside, on his shoulders 2 moons support him, symbolizing the 2 outer pillars of the tree of life; that of mercy on the right and that of severity on the left, symbolizing that his path, through the central pillar, is being guided by divine energy.

In its crown the pentagram or Tetragrammaton (in the kabbalistic tarot) symbolizes its union with the infinite and the alchemical materialization of the invisible energies on earth.

Two horses or sphinxes (depending on the tarot deck) are those that carry this carriage, apparently too heavy and ostentatious to be moved, they represent the mind and the spirit, also indicating that we must focus on the essence of things and on the balance of these two factors so as not to carry more than necessary and thus be able to undertake our mission or path of life.

The Chariot, Cancer and Kabbalah:

The tree of life of Kabbalah teaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The Paths are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon.

The letter Jet (ח) means fence that separates from the outside, like the image of cancer, the armored crab. It is also the letter of transcendence, the number 7 symbolizes what comes beyond the manifestation of the material world. This letter in turn is made up of the 2 previous letters of the alphabet (וז), which tell us about overcoming the limits of reality through the connection with the letter Vav which means healing connected with the superior worlds, and Zain that represents the sword that allows us to break the perception of reality to have a higher vision of the manifested world. The Jet is the energy that helps us focus on the essence of things, so as not to carry more than necessary.

In the tree of life is the letter that is located on the path that connects Binah(the mother or mind) with Geburah (the limits) represents free will and the limits imposed by our own mind and morals created by the maturity of the personality. Limits necessary by the limiting nature of the manifested world.

The month of Cancer is the first of the 3 months with negative forces, which impel us to go beyond the judgments and the month of Tammuz gives us the possibility to find balance and overcome the limitations of the physical world.

That is why all this is that the challenge of Cancer is to overcome the challenges of his own armor and free himself from the material limitations that many times imprison him, recognizing within himself his talent, empathy and perception of the intuitive world that will lead him to mobilize in his own development.

And the chariot in turn represents a vehicle of the spirit in the universe of manifestation. How else could the spirit materialize if not by taking action.

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