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Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra

Will, personal power, perseverance.

Mantra HUM

It is also known as the source of power or our inner sun. Although in the Sacral Chakra is where our emotions are born, it is in the Plexus or also called Manipura in Sanskrit, where we decide what to do with them, for which it is necessary to be aware of how they affect us. Of the main chakras is the one in the center, the one that unites our instincts with reason. It is for this last reason that an imbalance in this chakra can produce anxiety, tension or mismanagement of emotions. It is directly related to the stomach, diaphragm, pancreas, and liver. You can learn more about this chakra at

To balance or heal this chakra you can use minerals such as Blue Kyanite, Prehnite, Peridot, among others. You can also balance it through food with yellow food, Yoga exercises or with essential oils, below we explain the synergy we have created for the balance of this Chakra.

Synergy for Chakra Manipura contains essential oils of Lemon, Petitgrain, Fennel, Exotic Verbena and Citrus Basil that helps us to understand and take our place in relation to others and our environment from harmony; to affirm ourselves with optimism and courage, to be more flexible, objective and to see things from a broader point of view, distancing ourselves from events.

Other synergies related to Will, Personal Power, Ego, Perseverance.

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