about Simaiblue

At Simaiblue we integrate various fields of knowledge to create ethical products to help people’s spiritual development. A careful handmade manufacturing, to the finishes, pakaging and packaging are made by us. We try to use the minimum amount of plastic, as well as ingredients of the best quality, natural and organic. Our workshop is in Barcelona, ​​a city that gives us its cultural wealth and the necessary materials for a good handwork. Trying that all the products, ingredients and materials we use can be of proximity.

Our tempo is slow so that the result is of great quality and your product is impregnated with the same energy that inspires us and we want to transmit; the energy of numerology, the magic of plants and the beauty of the alchemical universe that surrounds us and accompanies each step.

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The strong, brave, and faithful swallow symbolizes thought, imagination, height and spirituality; but also the triumphant return of the traveler, the meeting with the beloved and the return to our refuge, but above all it is a symbol of freedom.

Header image (modified):Hieronymus Bosch | (El Bosco): The Garden of Earthly Delights| Collection Museo del Prado, Madrid.