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Signs of the zodiac and their equivalence with the Tarot

The first thing I want to clarify, before you take the equivalences as an exact table, is that there are different lines of interpretation when trying to observe the intersection between the zodiac signs and the Tarot major arcana. What I will explain to you here are the common aspects between each other, and how by meditating or enhancing the energy of a Tarot Arcanum you can connect with one or more aspects of the corresponding zodiac sign.

This equivalence comes from the Kabbalahso each of the signs also corresponds to a path within the tree of life and to a letter or key.


♈︎Aries – The Emperor || Structure, entrepreneurship, strength, courage

♉︎Taurus – The Hierophant || Perseverance, prudence, calm, meditation, observation

♊︎Gemini – The Lovers || Versatility, communication, sociability, imagination

♋︎Cancer – The Cart || Tenacity, security, projection, intuition.

♌︎Leo – The Force || Will, strength, energy, security, optimism.

♍︎Virgo – The Hermit || Service, thoroughness, silence, analysis.

♎︎Libra – Justice || Balance, diplomacy, peace, conciliation.

♏︎Scorpio – Arcane 13 || Transformation, Ability to regenerate, self-control.

♐︎Sagittarius – Temperance || Vitality, joy, benevolence

♑︎Capricorn – The Devil || Control, cunning, patience, meditation

♒︎Aquarius – The Star || Fraternity, solidarity, altruism.

♓︎Pisces – The Moon || Intuition, receptivity, compassion.

Below I will briefly explain the relationship between each sign with the arcanum that corresponds to it and its connection with the cabal, then you will find synergies to make the most intransigent aspects of each sign flexible and enhance its light energy.

You can choose the synergy of your sun sign, your moon, your ascendant or anyone who feels the need to work internally at this time.

Common aspects and their relationship with Kabbalah

The tree of life of Kabbalah teaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The Paths are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon.

♈︎Aries and the Emperor. They represent structure, entrepreneurship, and strength.

In Kabbalah Aries has been created by the letter Hey (ה) and is ruled by the planet Mars. It is a month of confrontations, as well as miracles. It represents among other things the desire to receive.

Aries is associated with the head, when you believe in something, there is nothing that stands in the way of taking action.

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♉︎ Taurus and the Hierophant or the Pope. It is the archetype of communication between heaven and earth. Taurus needs to capture what has been learned on earth and enjoy it, always with prudence, calm and security.

In Kabbalah Taurus is created by the letter Vav (ן) and governed by the planet Venus, light, desire and pleasure, as well as the power of Judgment present in the universe.

He is usually optimistic because he is able to see the light everywhere.

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♊︎ Gemini and the Lovers. It is the Archetype of action motivated by desire and communication with others. Geminis is very good at communicating what they love, their projects and studies; and although he doubts between what he should do and what he wants to do, what must prevail is what he wants or loves. By following this motivation, you will achieve your goals and enhance your strengths.

In Kabbalah Gemini is created by the letter Zain (ז) and is ruled by the planet Mercury, which comes from the Romans and means messenger of the Gods.

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♋︎ Cancer and the Charriot It is the archetype of the action but within its own armor, as we see in the letter of the chariot, the prince or hero is mobilized in an armored carriage and very difficult to move. Cancer needs to feel safe. It is very emotional, because in addition to being a water sign it is ruled by the Moon.

In Kabbalah Cancer is created by the letter Het (ח). The name of this letter means fence or fence. It is the only sign governed entirely by the Moon, the other signs share the ruling planet. And just as the moon that governs it shows a different face every night, this instability causes cancer to seek the security that its star lacks in earthly things. It is a very intuitive and hypersensitive sign.

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♌︎ Leo and The Force. It represents the domain of our instinct and our ego, the domestication of the Lion. By taming the Lion or ego we can use that strength and courage to serve the soul.

In Kabbalah Leo is created by the letter Tet (ט). It is ruled solely by the Sun, a star from which they obtain energy, but which makes them think, at times, that everything revolves around them.

Leo’s energy is of great security that is transmitted to others, so it is also related to leadership.

In the human body it is heart, this being also its great weakness.

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♍︎ Virgo and the Hermit. Many will wonder in what the virgin is related to the Hermit. And it is their vocation for service, for helping others, enlightening and welcoming, often forgetting or blinded in their own way, that is why the challenge of both is giving to others as much as to themselves.

In Kabbalah Virgo and the Hermit are created by the letter Yod (י). It is the energy of cleanliness, purity, and order. It adapts easily to any situation because they are ruled by Mercury, but unlike Gemini which is ruled by the same planet, it does not change its point of view as quickly, Virgo is an Earth sign, so it is very practical, what It can limit the general perception of reality, focus on detail.

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♎︎ Libra and Justice.It represents the physical and spiritual balance, looking at things head on and leaving what is no longer useful.

In Kabbalah Libra is created by the letter lamed (ל), a letter that protrudes the line of writing in height above the other letters in the Hebrew alphabet, which represents that it extends towards the higher planes, giving a greater understanding, it is a month of action. Libra is governed by the planet Venus as well as Taurus, the light of this planet causes in Libra a constant questioning or judgment between good and evil, which makes this month a review of decisions made. Libra has the power to weigh all the possibilities.

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♏︎ Scorpio and The Arcane XIII. Represents the law of change and transformation. It reflects the discovery of the truth inside, without masks, an introspection so deep that it reaches the bones.

The Scorpio energy, although it is a sign of water, has the fire element very present for its ruling planet that is Mars (the God of War).

In Scorpio Kabbalah it is created by the letter Nun (נ). This letter represents the beginning of the individual existence of each human being: incarnation – life – death – redemption.

The Scorpio energy is the truth although it hurts and the extreme emotions. He is not afraid of confrontation and has great physical and spiritual strength.

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♐︎ Sagittarius and Temperance. They represent spiritual balance, well-being, hope and defined goals.

In Kabbalah Sagittarius it is created by the letter Samech (ם), a letter that suggests well-being and stability due to its circumference shape, holding the different spectra of light in balance. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Sagittarius energy is constantly looking for challenges and goals to achieve, since although it is an element of air, it is powered by fire.

Sagittarius energy invites us to set goals and gives us the strength and optimism to achieve them.

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♑︎ Capricorn and the Devil. It is an Archetype so attached to the physical plane that it sinks even into the depths of the unconscious, drawing from the most hidden spiritual force. Capricorn energy is ideal for earthly and concrete matters such as business or science.

In Kabbalah Capricorn is created by the letter Ayin (ע). The name of the letter means “Eye” and is related to the forms that we can see manifested on earth. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the farthest from the Sun of the inner planets and linked with the element of water, which gives it the sensitivity to the earth that predominates in the sign.

Capricorn energy is very demanding and independent, they do not carry authority well. Capricorn’s great challenge is to integrate spirituality into her earthly experience. Many times they can clearly see both aspects but they usually give all their energy to the material.

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♒︎ Aquarius and the Star. They represent purification through water, mercy and service, it is a sign of abundance and of sharing with others. The Star represents action in the spiritual world once the place we occupy in the world has been found, retribution, water returns to its origin like rain to the sea.

In Kabbalah Aquarius was created by the letter Tzadi (צ). This letter represents the union of female and male polarities as a single vessel created to receive light. The union of heaven and earth, giving and receiving in harmony.

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♓︎ Pisces and the Moon. The energy of these archetypes is the sum and stabilizes the preceding signs, directly influenced by the water, the purification and the depth of the soul. The Moon represents intuition, communication with the unconscious and past lives. Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter that delivers justice, balance and mercy.

In Kabbalah Pisces was created by the letter Kuf (ק). The Kuf is the only letter in the Hebrew alphabet that goes down the line of writing and symbolizes its union with the depths and the unconscious, to raise again the sparks of light that create our earthly reality.

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This has been a brief summary of the origin and meaning of each zodiac sign, its relationship with the arcana of the Tarot and with the Hebrew mystique, which somehow reveal the creation of the universe. I will try in other articles to explain in more detail each of the signs and how to take advantage of the energy that they give us.

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