Scorpio and The Nameless Arcanum or Death

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Scorpio is the Alchemist of the zodiac, a sign of transformation, who like the Phoenix, is reborn and rebuilt from the ashes. From this rebirth, he establishes a link with power, which can materialize in creativity, sexuality or healing, as well as distrust or prejudice. Its nature is water, emotions, which unlike Cancer which is Ruled by the Moon, Scorpio by its ruler (Pluto) takes it to a maximum depth, and its co-ruler Mars gives it intensity and a tendency to conflict.

The challenge for Scorpio is to learn to die, in the sense of concluding cycles to restart new experiences of rebirth and transformation for their personal growth, learning to use the power of their shadow in an act of transcendence and love.

The Arcanum 13 Death

When we take the signs of the zodiac to the major arcana of the Tarot, Scorpio corresponds to the number 13, it has no name, but it is usually known as Death. Like Scorpio, it has such a power of transformation that it changes even the skin and the flesh, remaining in the bones, that is why in the Tarot it is represented by a skeleton, which with its Scythe is pulling the roots out of the earth, and transforming the ground you walk into compost to plant new seeds, a new, different world, keeping only the nutrients of the old.

Scorpio is an intense, deep and passionate sign, it governs the 8th house, which represents the hidden, the unconscious, what cannot be controlled and which demands a surrender to events, to life and to one’s own shadow.

Scorpio and Kabbalah

On the tree of life occupies the path 24 that unites Tiferet, the beauty or the deep self, who I really am with Netzaj the abstract creative energy, the creativity of artists whose language is not structured, the creation of symbols and figures that come from the depths of our unconscious, also called La Victoria, for the transformative and revealing power it has over matter.

The path gives Scorpios an attraction to the abstract and hidden behind each shape. They have a magnetism and a special attraction for what is not seen with the naked eye.

Kabbalah Emanation Tree of Life (Hermetic) with Scorpio Path

The letter that created Scorpio is the Nun (נ) and the Dalet (ד) to Mars, which depending on the time and the type of astrology is the ruler or co-ruler of said signs. Both letters form the word Din which means Judgment. Which gives Scorpios a permanent state of alertness and a strong need for control.

They tend to be very sincere, extreme at times, and have little tact. They are very intuitive, to the point of detecting internal sensations in others. They are very generous although sometimes the reason may be the control and dependence they cause in others. They do not control their emotions well and are very intense, which has made them a reputation for being jealous and vindictive.

The intensity of Scorpios is due in large part to the fact that they are a sign of water and fire, which in itself is a paradox, but a great tool when they learn to unify and direct their passions and emotions in noble, productive or creative ends and of personal growth.


In the human body, Scorpio is related to the sexual organs and the sense of smell.

Activate and integrate the energy of Scorpio

To activate the energy of Scorpio you can meditate with the Hebrew letter and or with the Tarot card that corresponds to Arcanum XIII, or in the way that we like the most, through a synergy of essential oils that we have created especially for it.

The effect of Synergy # 13:

It helps us to develop our innate capacity for deep transformation, and to purify body, mind and soul for the next transformation. It helps to develop an absolute confidence in ourselves beyond the reality in which we are in the present, to make us aware that our energy will remain intact after having passed the tests or the most profound changes. It also helps us to balance our emotions with our passions, to be able to direct them to our benefit.

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