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Sagittarius and Temperance || Zodiac and Tarot Correspondences

Harmony | Integration | Alchemy | Ying Yang

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and mutable, the last of the Fire signs.

Ruled by Jupiter, it represents the energy of expansion and alchemy, the centaur that is projected through its arrow beyond all limits, it does not recognize borders, it is capable of putting everything in its ideals, in what it sees and feels. It is capable of transforming into that arrow.

He goes after the truth, with the clarity of experience and the energy of fire.

Jupiter is the one who governs the month of Sagittarius and is the planet of fortune and abundance.

Temperance Tarot arcanum XIIII

It is the archetype of health and Alchemy, the ability to synthesize healing and transmutation. The image of the guardian angel that whispers in your ear and gives you the necessary advice to transform your experiences into wisdom. It also represents the moment in which we manage to understand the reason for our experiences in order to integrate them and move to another stage.

Sagittarius and Temperance in Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah tree of lifeteaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The Paths are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon.

kabbalah tree with the sagittarius trailTree of life of Kabbalah emanation (Hermetic) with the Sagittarius path.

In the tree of life, a circular letter that represents the cycles of life is represented by the letter Samech (ס), it is the one that sustains and drives us, the circle that symbolizes the void where everything is in power.

Mark on the tree of life the path that goes from Yesod to Tiferet. Being Yesod the foundation and our primary self, it is here where the ego and the personality are found, that mask that we put on before others. Tifertet, on the other hand, marks our highest self, our inner sun, which makes us shine, without masks and with controlled ego. So this path or path symbolizes the transcendence of the ego, the meeting of our essence, of what sustains us and allows us to transform ourselves through the domain of the ego and our personality.


Jupiter the ruler of this month and of the sign of Sagittarius corresponds to the energy of Hesed mercy, giving without limits, that is why it is the month of abundance, sharing and expansion.


Activate the energy of Sagittarius or Temperance

Para activar la energía de Sagitario puedes meditar con la letra Hebrea y o con la carta del Tarot que le corresponde: La Templanza o el arcano número XIIII; o de la forma que más nos gusta a nosotras, a través de una sinergia de aceites esenciales que hemos creado especialmente para ello.


The effect of Synergy # 14:

The synergy of La Temperance helps us to integrate our experiences in an alchemical way, to transform them into real knowledge. To harmonize our yin and yang aspects to integrate our opposite poles and find an alchemical balance between the masculine and the feminine, as well as to integrate our earthly with the spiritual part, helping us to allow the subsequent evolution. It connects us with our desire for growth and expansion. Go see the synergy.

Synergy perfume of essential oils to activate the energy of Sagittarius