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Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana

It connects with creativity, sexual energy, vigor, and emotions. It is where our desires for everything we do are born. It helps us fully enjoy life. It is located between the genital area and the navel and its name in Sanskrit is Svadhisthana which means our own abode.

By balancing this chakra we are able to trust ourselves more, and to see life with confidence and optimism.

We notice an imbalance in this chakra when we are lacking in energy, libido, very irritable or with little creativity.

To balance this chakra you can do exercises focused on the lower abdomen; with minerals such as Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger Eye, among others. Also with orange foods or through aromatherapy with essential oils as we explain below.

Our synergy of the Sacral chakra is made up of essential oils of citrus and flowers: Tangerine, Bitter Orange, Rockrose and Jasmine. It is sensual and happy, she brings innocence, connection with the present moment, creativity, sensuality and vigor; but also a response to our inner search communicating the second chakra with the seventh and the other superiors. The Orange is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and fertility in China, the Jara del Ládano was an offering to the divinities in ancient Greece for its ability to connect us with the spiritual, Jasmine has the power to unify sexual love with love divine, and allows us to understand ourselves deeply.

Other synergies related to Creativity, Communication and Sexual Energy

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