The properties of Rock Rose

The ability of essential oils to connect us with more subtle planes of consciousness is more and more accepted, and it seems incredible, but the aromas of plants that in our physical dimension are chemical molecules, also can be translated into frequencies of energy vibration at a more subtle level; In short, plants help us to establish connection between different bodies in ourselves and in turn, connect us to different energy frequencies or types of energy.

Rose Rock also known as Rose of Sharon, a simple shrub from the Mediterranean basin, has wonderful properties. This plant has delicate and pretty white flowers (sometimes pink), some with small characteristic ruby ​​dots. They belong to the Cistaceae family, the genus Cistus exudes a gum resin with a great aroma called Labdanus.

Its perfume is warm and herbaceous, it resembles a deep hug because it quickly calms us down on all levels.

The essential oil is extracted from its leaves and in Ayurveda balances the three doshas (the three types of biorhythms or temperaments in ayurveda: vata, pitta and kapha), ​​it is a great skin and muscle regenerator, anti-hemorrhagic, immune stimulant, anti-stress and antiviral.

Its properties on an energetic level

Rock Rose activates and connects the kundalini energy from the second chakra (sacral) to the seventh (coronal), for this reason it is considered an oracle that responds to our concerns, whether of a mundane or spiritual type; Rock Rose, unties the blockage and allows us to see and understand, brings to light what we hide and allows us to understand it. Heals the wounds of the soul, healing psychic and spiritual traumas. Rock Rose is the plant that appears after a fire regenerating the ecosystem, in the same way it regenerates our physical, psychic and spiritual bodies, developing our clairvoyance abilities.

When we feel wounded, when we need to heal an old wound that does not heal, when we do not find answers or when we want to see things clearly, this is our essential oil.

Synergies with Rock Rose essential oil