13 uai

The Nameless Arcane or The Transformation

The arcane of Tarot n 13 has no name although it is usually associated with death, since it is the energy of transformation at a very deep level, which is why it is graphed with a skeleton plowing the earth, as a sign that only what remains Essentially, everything else is used as compost on our way for something new to emerge.

Cutting roots, cleaning what we do not need, preparing the land to plant something new, a renewal or a new beginning. It also tells us that certain relationships and structures that no longer contribute to our path, as long as our mind is not released, something new cannot begin.


The 13 in my numerology

People with 13 as a personality or destination number have the innate ability to reinvent themselves, to access their essence, although this does not stop them from going through hard processes. It is important that they become aware of who they are, regardless of the circumstances of life that are happening, the global vision is the key to overcome the obstacles that arise.

Common questions from number 13: what of me should I transform? What situations or people do I retain and do they not contribute to my spiritual growth? Who am I really and what do I want to do with my life?

The Kabbalistic Path of Arcanum 13

On the tree of life occupies the path number 24 is the path between Tipheret (the beauty of the self) with Netzaj (victory or artistic expression). Representing the constant renewal for the growth and victory of the soul, the power to let go to nourish ourselves with new experiences.
It is the way of artistic expression and communication.

Effects of synergy for Number 13.

Purify your body, mind and soul. It connects you with the energy of transformation, gives you willpower and confidence to overcome stagnant situations or profound changes and be able to start again.

Decree or meditation recommended

“I let go and purify myself of my bonds, I transmute myself, so that new and prosperous shoots emerge from me.”


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