These synergies have been designed to connect with nature, improve our health and balance our emotional state. Through aromatherapy and essential oils, Simaiblue has created the My Shinrin-Yoku line inspired by forested areas and natural landscapes of the Mediterranean coast.

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Shinrin-Yoku is a therapy from Japan where it has been used since the 80s to connect with Nature. In more and more technified societies people live in a maelstrom of work and responsibilities, the human being has to compete more and more, even at an intellectual level and of economic prosperity, in an urban environment that demands them more day by day. On the other hand, the trees of the forest live at another rate, on another level of consciousness.

Shinrin-Yoku or literally “forest bath” It is a therapy that is recommended to every person, young or old, healthy or not, and it is about approaching a forest or plant area and taking a leisurely walk, slowly, to gradually slow down that accelerated state of our mind and our being, thanking the forest for the benefits it gives us.

The “Forest baths” they are beneficial for various reasons and are in tune with Mindfullness and Aromatherapy. Let go, wake up our senses, listen with full attention to the sounds of the forest, the silence, the birds, the little animals that move among the trees, the near and distant sounds … listen to the leaves creak in our path, notice the breeze on the face, on the skin, look at the sun sparkles between the leaves of the trees, feel our body walking, hear our own breathing, slow down inside, even physically, sit down a while … all that calms our mental state, so that our inner being comes to light, to breathe!

And here is one of the most important aspects of this forest therapy, breathing!

Plant beings act on their environment through volatile chemical compounds, either to communicate or to protect themselves, these are phytoncides and essential oils; Phytoncides are volatile organic compounds antimicrobial emitted by plants and are closely related to the essential oils produced from plants, they are responsible for our improvement and well-being by coming into contact with our body through the skin or breathing.

Human beings have evolved in relation to plants and from that union we benefit from each other. The plants regulate our heart rate, they cheer us up, they stimulate us, they relax us, they immunize us, they guide us to the present moment, they welcome us in their leisurely consciousness.

For this reason and from humility we have created My Shinrin-Yoku Synergies, a moment of contact with nature and relaxation, a trip to our great imaginary forest where we feel at peace and come into contact with therapeutic essential oils.

Synergies are not a substitute but a complement to the Forest Baths, so we invite you to practice as many forest baths as possible.