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The evolutionary Tarot a way to expand our consciousness

Although most of the fame of the tarot is for its divinatory use, its origins come from the study of the universe and the human being and the constant concern to find spiritual answers, about the creation of the universe and of the human being through self-knowledge and connection with infinity.

There are several lines of study in thetarot, and what they all have in common is the use of archetypes or figures that are recognizable to all, reflecting a particular situation or energy.

We work with the Tarot de Marseille andthe tree of life of the Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah comes from Jewish mysticism, it is a study that explains the creation of the universe as a projection of infinity in finite matter.

Years of study are needed to fully understand the Kabbalah, this is a brief introduction to the great knowledge that the tree of life hides.

Infinity by contracting to create a finite projection separates into 10 primordial or called energies Sephirot that go from the most subtle to the densest and the paths that lead from one to the other are 22 that they represent with the 22 tarot cards or arcana to facilitate their understanding.

Then the 22 paths and their archetypal form help us to study, understand and integrate each of these energies and their relationship with our personality, essence and union with the cosmos.

Today we propose to you for these days of inner travel, recollection and balance, to meditate through each arcanum using it as a means to understand our own energy, painting each of the letters, without haste, as an integration exercise, connecting with what they represent in an intuitive and playful way.

The coloring file is free, we only ask you to leave us your information to know who download it and what interests them.

Thank you.

Download the pdf of the arcana or tarot cards to paint here

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