Libra and Justice

Objectivity |Beauty | Balance | Order

Libra is a sign of balance, vitality and beauty; like Taurus it is ruled by the pleasure planet Venus, but it is lighter than its sister sign, since Libra is an Air sign. It represents the pleasure of fairness, balance and harmony in the universe.

The second part of the year begins; In the first part we have focused on ourselves and put the seeds, Libra marks the moment to look outside, to pay attention to what is happening beyond our noses and also focuses on the germination of the seeds planted in the first part of the year.

Just as Libra is mobilized by Equity and beauty, The Arcanum of Justice is characterized by its objectivity, by a panoramic vision where all possibilities fit, a Justice without prior judgments, where all factors count and have the same importance.

Justice is the first Arcanum to stare at whoever observes it, with an impartial gaze, that is why it has marked the third eye, because it is capable of taking into account what is not seen with the naked eye and leaving behind what is already it does not serve you.

Libra and La Justicia are characterized by their search for beauty in everything, be it things, people or situations. They are distinguished by a global vision trying to cover all perspectives. An objective vision that allows you to detach yourself from what no longer serves you and nip it in the bud.

Distintas cartas o Arcanos de La Justicia

Justice in different Tarot decks

Libra and Justice in Kabbalah.

In the tree of life, it is represented by the letter Lamed (ל) whose shape simulates the lightning ray, in charge of making the energies of the superior worlds descend, as well as where the energies rise from the earth, it is a channel, that balances and communicates light with darkness.

The month of Libra is called Tishrei and marks the beginning of the second half of the year, the beginning of the feminine energy, the materialization and germination of the seed sown in the first six months of the year (masculine energy).

Kabbalah Emanation Tree of Life (Hermetic) with Libra Path

In the tree of life Libra or Lamed occupy the path that goes from Geburá to Tiferet, which indicates to us that the limits are necessary for the growth and discovery of our highest Self. Limits teach us how far we can go, and what situations transgress them. Learning to live and enjoy our own limitations teaches us to enjoy life from another perspective.

The month of Libra has the potential to show us a broader range of perspectives so that we can choose without prejudice where we want to go, trust our capabilities and accept our limitations.

Activate the energy of Libra or Justice

To activate the energy of Libra you can meditate with the Hebrew letter I with the Tarot card that corresponds to VIII Justice, or in the way that we like the most, through essential oil synergies that we have created especially for this .

The effect of Tarot Synergy # 8:

It will help you see situations with objectivity and mental clarity without judging, express ideas clearly and materialize them. It brings courage to identify and overcome or accept our own mental constructions or limitations, prejudices and self-delusions that prevent us from advancing and evolving spiritually. Help see reality as it is, comfort.

The effect of Third Eye Chakra Synergy:

It allows to accept other dimensions; reinforces mental clarity and spiritual discernment. Ajna or Third Eye synergy realigns and connects all the chakras establishing a link between conscious and subconscious, helps to develop objective vision, intuition and extrasensory perception.

Perfume synergies of essential oils to activate the energy of Libra or Justice