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Gemini and The Lover.

Versatility || Communication || Sociability || Imagination

The twins of the Zodiac Because of their initial image, they project the feeling of communion with their peers, and although it is well known and represented by a changing attitude, in reality it is only the desire to communicate its truth, to express itself abroad, which provokes its character. versatile and often changing, as he is easily passionate and puts all his energy into it.

And just as Geminigoes from one place to another mobilized by his passion, The lover represents this same sensation through decisions, in fact it is the most popular card in the major arcana of the tarot.

The Arcane of The Lover It shows us 4 characters, although at first glance it seems that the central character is the hero in love trying to decide on his path, the letter invites us to reflect on the role played by each of the characters, and we realize that each one of them is in love with his own goal or passion.

As we can see previously, Gemini and The Lover (or Lovers as he is known in many Tarots) are fast, changing, passionate, communicative, expressive, etc. And the way to balance this energy to focus on specific goals is to learn to recognize your deep desires, self-knowledge and the desire to express your own truth is what will make Geminis use all that energy without scattering around, and although the pecking It is inherent to its sign, it will be able to interconnect the networks in which the parts are weaving depending on the unit.

Gemini and Kabbalah:

The Kabbalah tree of lifeteaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The channels are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon .










Emanation Kabbalah tree of life (Hermetic) with the path of Gemini.

On the tree of life, Gemini is the path that unites (Bina) mind and reason or understanding with (Tiferet) beauty or the deep self, who I really am. It is the connection to Bina that gives Gemini his dexterity and mental analytics. The connection with the Tiferet gives him the desire to find himself.

The letter that created Gemini is Zain (ז) which is related to the potential of the seed and is ruled by the planet Mercury, which comes from the Romans and means messenger of the Gods.

Mercury is the fastest planet in its journey around the sun, it takes only 88 days, and it is also the sign of gemini, quick to act and think, as well as to change its direction and is usually a bit superficial.

The month of Gemini has the potential of the unification between the physical and the spiritual, creativity, communication and action.

Activate the energy of Gemini

To activate the energy of Gemini you can meditate with the Hebrew letter and or with the Tarot card that corresponds to it VI Lovers, or in the way that we like the most, through a synergy of essential oils that we have created especially for it .

Perfume Synergy Effect for Gemini “6 Lovers”:

The mixture of essential oils for the Gemini or Los Enamorados perfume is an explosion of vitality and good humor. It has the ability to focus on the present moment providing tranquility. It also provides communication skills from happiness. It helps to develop the rational and analytical capacity from the calm and above all perspective to make our decisions from what really makes us happy, it helps to order our emotions creating a distance between us and events. Go to see

Perfume synergy of essential oils to activate the energy of Gemini