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The Relationship between the numbers and the Tarot Cards

As some already know numerology tells us about the meaning of each number and its energy in our life, it is a gift that we choose to bring with us before we are born, a connection with our soul and with the universe.

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Both our date of birth and our name when translating them into numbers reveal a certain frequency to connect with our cosmic origin.

The Tarot Cards or Arcana are the human or archetypal representation of the energy of each number. Each drawing, color, expression, posture and gaze in the arcana teach us qualities, virtues and possible difficulties of the number to which it corresponds and that at some point we have chosen to bring with us.

The Tarot, in addition to showing us graphically the qualities of each number, serves us as a tool to meditate and integrate.

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Numerology to 22

Although traditional Numerologytakes into account only 1 to 9, 10 or 11 depending on the school or vision, the Tarot does not contradict this, but rather gives us a slightly broader spectrum. The Tarot de Marseille major Arcans (ones we use) are 22, where the arcana from 1 to 10 represent the physical, earthly, social plane and the superior ones from 11 to 22 or 0 symbolize energy from the first 10 taken to a plane. spiritual.

As in Numerology each energy has its predecessor and successor are a sequence, in the Tarot the energies are added, that is, 5 contains 1,2,3 and 4. Number by number the arcanes make up a path, called the hero’s path, where the being evolves through different stages, learning and testing, different energies.

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Common aspects and their relationship with Kabbalah

The tree of life of Kabbalah teaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The channels are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon .

We have brought the energy of each Tarot Arcanum to a perfume

Through essential oils and evolutionary aromatherapy we have transformed the energy of each arcanum into a Perfume, which helps us to feel, understand and integrate the particularity of each number or arcanum in our lives and to grow.
Energetic aromatherapy, psychoaromatherapy or evolutionary aromatherapy is a branch of aromatherapy that focuses on a more subtle, spiritual and energetic path, also on an emotional level; We believe in the connection that can be established between the soul of plants and ours, helping us to heal and grow.

Our synergies are a help or accompaniment in your personal work of inner change, we want you to be able to solve your energy blocks (emotions, experiences, desires) with the invaluable help of essential oils, energy and the being of each plant. More than sixty essential oils in twenty-two mezcas focused on enhancing each of these energies, on the right you can see a relationship of the different energies that govern each number and how synergies enhance it.

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Solid perfume of the Star that helps self-acceptance and finding our inner capabilities.

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If you have any questions or want us to help you to calculate your numbers or you don’t know which synergy would be good for activating and / or balancing your energy, write to us :-), we can advise you.

Aromatherapy and Tarot

The energies of the arcana and the effects of our perfumes

1.- The Magician: Potential | Start | Action | Materialization
Roots to the earth, bring confidence and energy to materialize projects.
2.- High Priestess: Study | Concentration | Calm | Understanding
It helps in study, concentration and understanding.
3.- The Empress: Creativity | Femininity | Security | Optimism
It stimulates your own energy, opens the heart and allows you to enjoy life.
4.- The Emperor: Stability | Authority | Trust | Structure
It brings strength, serenity and flexibility of mind.
5.- The Pope: Empathy | Compassion | Spirituality | Meditation
Connect with the spiritual and open to universal love.
6.- The Lover: Decision | Resolution | Pleasure | Concentration
Give optimism, perspective and rational capacity to be able to decide.
7.- The Chariot: Progress | Action | Energy | Vitality
It gives confidence and inner strength to keep moving forward.
8.- Justice: Objectivity | Balance | Detachment | Order
It brings clarity of mind and courage to evolve spiritually.
9.- The Hermit: Overcoming | Release | Relief | Joy
Release the past, connect with the universe and comfort the heart
10.- The Wheel of Fortune: Flow | Detachment | Clarity | Perspective
Helps to flow and experience new relationships, brings calm and innocence.
11.- The Force: Courage | Instinct | Overcoming | Determination
It stimulates, provides inner strength, determination, confidence, and adaptability.
12 .- The Hanging man: Confidence | Acceptance | Calm Purification
Helps to evolve spiritually, heals scars of the soul.
13.- The arcane without Name: Cleaning | Detachment | Overcoming | Optimism
Purify body, mind and soul. Helps to overcome profound changes.
14.- Temperance: Harmony | Integration | Acceptance | Ying Yang
Harmonizes opposite poles, maintains inner balance.
15.- The Devil: Self-knowledge | Creativity | Libido | Impulsiveness
Relax and stimulate to be able to enjoy and know each part of the unconscious.
16.- The Tower: Adaptability | Detachment | Analysis | Opportunities
Calms and refreshes the mind, help to understand and adapt to new realities.
17.- The Star: Self-esteem | Delivery | Acceptance | Energy
Reveals the latent capacities within each person.
18.- The Moon: Intuition | Clairvoyance | Channeling | Compassion
It awakens intuition and helps connect with the universe.
19.- The sun: Universal Love | Prosperity | Joy | Empathy
It evokes a paradise of universal love, understanding and compassion.
20.- The Judgment: Evolution | Peace | Contemplation | Understanding |
It rewards with satisfaction our learning along the path of life.
21.- The world: Receptivity | Freedom | Integration | Value
It helps to end, integrate and release with wisdom, to be reborn in a new consciousness.
22.- The Fool: Freedom | Courage | Trust | Curiosity
It brings courage, curiosity and desire to undertake exceptional paths.