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From essential oils to the Tarot

Many times ask us what is the relationship between Tarot and essential oils, and that is why we have made this article, to delve a little into the wonderful world of plants and how through their qualities and / or properties they drive us and guide us in our own spiritual process.

We see the relationship of plants with the Tarot by understanding how different plants help overcome emotional blocks, connect with more subtle energy fields or activate different parts of our mental processes.

The tarot shows us archetypically what energies we are working with, either through our numerology, or at some specific moment in our lives, and through essential oils we connect, unlock if necessary and integrate that energy in order to continue with our own evolutionary process.


Plants and their essential oils

Plant DNA like ours it is formed as the plant evolves, and it has written what is necessary for the plant to survive in its environment, its aroma and even its sage are agents that help it in its growth process and relationship with its environment, Like humans, when the inhospitable environment is richer is its essential oil, the lack of comfort induces us to action and to evolve.

The essential oilsof plants come to be like our hormones, compounds that act as carriers of information, both internally and to communicate with other plants of the same family, of the same species, of different species or with other beings such as insects, birds , herbivores, humans.

In addition to their subsistence properties, essential oils from plants contain substances that human beings help us to heal, and that as a species we have used since our dawn, in this way connecting with the information of the plant is also connecting with another time, a mythical time where we were much closer, much more united .

In general, plants will always bring a benefit to the person, pleasant, soft, strong, spicy aromas, each one of them performs a function; sometimes an aroma may not be very pleasant for a certain person, that is why we should not force ourselves too much to investigate what it evokes us and try to understand what emotion or memory is causing us that blockage that manifests itself with a negative reaction with the smell.

How essential oils or aromas benefit us

Already from ancient cultures the healing properties of plants have been used, of our grandmothers and grandfathers we surely remember how they used this or the other plant in infusions, creams or baths. For indigenous cultures and for latent millennial cultures, today plants are sacred and so is their use, therefore we believe that each essential oil used in our synergies should be considered as such.

The aroma of plants is their voice and their soul, connecting with them we channel their energy and absorb their power. Keep in mind that the aroma is the entrance to our body. The communication that is established through essential oils between plants and people, all the information (we could say akashika) that it contains spreads through our bodies cell by cell; each of our cells contains olfactory receptors that are activated by aromas, that is where they do their job.

For the elaboration of essential oils large amounts of plants are required, a simple drop of essential oil carries the power of many of them. When we use essential oils we must have great respect for their origin, being aware of the sacrifice that we have asked for our benefit.

In our formulas we promote respectful use with small doses of essential oils that ensure a sweeter, more stable and conscious healing work.