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Ideally, apply them in a quiet and/or intimate moment of the day, such as when you wake up, before sleeping, before meditating, or in special situations where you want to recover or boost your energy.

You can also apply them before going to sleep, as long as they are not stimulants like 1 The Magician, 7 The charriot, 10 The wheel, 11 Strength, 17 The Star, 21 The World, or Shinrinyou-Umi no keshiki.

All our synergies are for external and topical use only. In the majority it is recommended to apply to the palms of the hands or wrists.
After applying inhale deeply to appreciate the aroma.

Never apply them to mucous membranes, or around the eyes, or genitals or lips. Do not eat. The liquids ones have integrated a roll-on to facilitate their application.

In the majority it is recommended its application in the palms of the hands or wrists or soles of the feet.

Synergy of the Sacred Svadhisthana chakra It can also be applied to the lower belly to stimulate sexual energy.

The Ajna chakra can be applied by giving small circles in the temple.

You can also stimulate marma points with our synergies.

Those that contain citrus fruits or roots, it is preferable to place them in areas of the body that are not going to be exposed to the sun for a minimum period of 8 hours, since the critics are photosensitive and can cause spots on the skin if it is exposed to the sun. You can see which are in “Contraindications” below.

Aromatherapy provides a physical and emotional stimulus to the body: physical at the time of application and absorption in the skin as well as in its inhalation and absorption through respiration, thus integrating the properties of plants in our physical body; and emotional at the moment of breathing the aroma, which goes directly to the emotions, without having to go through our mind, producing a direct connection between our emotional body and the vibration of the plants in each of the synergies.

By applying synergy to the skin, preferably in a moment of tranquility, you are giving order to both your physical, emotional and rational bodies to absorb that specific energy that you have chosen. You must bear in mind that the changes generated by the synergies are gradual and the results will depend on the perseverance and willingness of each person to make a change in their life.

Yes, some are contraindicated if you have:

Hypertension: synergies are not recommended  are 1 The Magician, 7 The Chariot, 10 The Wheel of Fortune, 11 Strength, 17 The Star, 21 The World, and Shinrin yoku “Umi no keshiki” (Sea Views).

Hypotension: the number 15

If you have had breast cancer you cannou use numbers: 10, 18, Chakra Tymus, Shinrin yoku “Inakamichi” (Rural Road), because they carry sage essential oil that stimulates estrogens.

Epilepsy: 14 Temperance, Shinrin yoku “Inakamichi” (Rural Road) are not recommended.

Photosensitizers (can cause skin spots if used before sunbathing, so we recommend using them in areas without pigmentation such as the palms of the hands): Tarot synergies 1, 3, 6, 9, 17, 19, 20 and Chakra synergies Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart.

4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 21, Ajna Chakra , Shin Rin Yoku “Rural Road” and “Sea Views”

It is preferable not to use any of them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

No, our synergies are exclusively topical, since they use jojoba oil as a base, it is not recommended to burn or diffuse them (they can damage the device).

Our synergies are not intended to burn them but so that they can come into contact with us and be able to absorb all their healing properties that are so beneficial through the skin.

It is not recommended, as our products are already mixtures of various oils to enhance specific energies, it is better not to mix them, what you can do is use them at different times of the day, depending on which one you want to activate.

Yes, our bottles and jars are of very good quality, so not only can you, but we encourage you to reuse our containers. If you want, we can fill it with your same product or with another of our lines, with discount. For more information write us here

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