Connect with the Major Arcana of the Tarot through these synergies of Essential Oils.

We invite you to connect with Los Arcanos through its aroma on your skin.
You can choose them by Numerology according to your date of birthor choose one whose energy you want to enhance and / or activate in your life.
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The Chakras are energy points of our body, their balance and balance gives you health and well-being.

Whether you practice Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Therapies or just want balance and harmony, applying the synergies of essential oils for the Chakras on your skin will help you in your personal work, discover them and enjoy their energy and aroma.

Perfumes inspired by the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku Therapy Forest bath.

Trees of the forest, herbs of the field and shrubs of the coastal edge are the protagonists of this trilogy of Sinergias, essential oils that will take you to your favorite landscape through its aromas, without leaving home.

Connect with nature

Our My Shinrin Yoku synergies are 100% vegan and deliver all the healing and relaxing benefits of essential plant oils.


Choose your landscape

Inakamichi - Rural Road
Umi no Heshiki - Sea Views
Yama - Mountain.