The flames or cosmic rays, how to use them in our days and their relationship with the Chakras

What are the 7 rays or cosmic flames

The study of the Rays comes from Theosophy in the East and from Gnosticism in the West.

In Theosophy it was the Tibetan teacher Djwhal Khul, who refers to these rays as seven basic energies emanating from a great cosmic ray. They are the 7 expressions of life.

Originating in the unity of the universe are the 7 spectra that make up light, each of these rays is a quality of life, they are related to the creation of planets and to every being. Each one of us is the expression and part of one of the 7 rays. So there are 7 types or roots of soul.

The rays influence us and deliver specific qualities. Its qualities and aspects are associated with a planet, an Ascended Master, resonate more strongly one day of the week and represent or are ruled by an Archangel (understanding them as a concentration of energy). In our physical body the seven rays manifest in a gland or chakra activating it and doing the function of gateway into our own being.

Each one of us will identify more with a ray because of the mission that he came to develop in this life, and because of the origin of his soul, the search and recognition of our own ray is usually natural and spontaneous. This does not mean that the other rays or energies do not serve us at certain times since, like them, we are part of the unit and we have a bit of everyone.

Cosmic rays and our chakras

Cosmic rays are powerful healing energies that we can draw on whenever we need them through our Chakras or energy points. And we can make the most of its energy on a specific day of the week to cleanse and activate these Chakras.

In the following table you can see which chakra corresponds to each ray, the colors are not the same as what we are used to, since the energies of the rays come from states or universes more subtle than ours, and when they materialize they adapt to our vibration. We have added a last box with two essential oil synergies that will help you connect with each ray, one from our Chakra line and the other from our Tarot line, you can choose the one you like best.

As each cosmic ray is more powerful on a specific day of the week, we invite you to meditate each day with one of these rays to feel its influence in your life, if you still do not know which is yours, this exercise can help you discover it.

sistema rayos eng uai
sistema chakras simaiblue eng uai

Suggested synergies by day of the week

Sunday || Blue ray of personal power

Monday || Golden ray of wisdom and expansion

Tuesday || Pink ray of divine love

Wednesday ||White Ray Hope, purity

Thursday || Green Ray Healing, Vitality

Friday || Ruby ray of service and devotion

Saturday || Violet ray of magic and transmutation