Capricorn and The Devil Correspondence Zodiac and Tarot

Self-knowledge || Creativity || Libido || Unconscious.

Capricorn is the last of the Earth signs and the sign that best represents that energy, due to its objectivity, will and self-demand. Its modality is cardinal because it contains all the terrestrial energy in power, (the Cardinal modality represents the arrival of that energy to the earth, so it comes with all the force for its later materialization in Taurus, which is of fixed modality) for Capricorn is essential to stay firm, sure, his dreams always concrete and goes for them at all costs.

Its regent is Saturn, the most distant of the planets and the great mother in Kabbalah since it represents Bina, the organizing mind of reality.

They are characterized by their high level of planning, responsibility and respect for the law. Very methodical and demanding since their objectivity is brutal to the point of making them cold and calculating.

It is linked to the Archetype of the Tarot The Devil as the relationship with that cold and objective mind that often becomes a mooring, chain or a great test especially if the function of the mind is linked to the protection of the Ego. Here it is observed how the rational conscious mind confronts the unconscious, a confrontation that can become a struggle when trying to find and understand the (non-egoic) essence of emotions and the connection with unity, a confrontation for the acceptance of what is we are not able to control. To finally define ourselves as complete beings where the mind is a very important part and for it to allow us to develop beyond our safety or comfort zone, the mind must work for us, not us for it. It is at that moment where we break the chains and find freedom.

The Devil Archetype of the Tarot

Different versions of The Devil in the Tarot

It is the great test, going into the depths of the unconscious to detach from the bonds. The Devil is a call to meet the depths of our being, to know ourselves and recognize ourselves in a different way than to free ourselves from the moorings that do not allow us to emerge into the light.

When we face this hidden part of ourselves and accept it, it is where a new self comes out, a different way of seeing life and where we connect with creativity and the fire that impels us in a new stage of our spiritual journey.

It also refers to the fact that any creation from which it comes needs darkness, silence and intimacy for its formation, as well as the baby in the womb or the seed in the earth. The devil leads us to enter that darkness to create new versions of ourselves in communion with our nature and our unconscious.


The Devil and Capricorn in Kabbalah.

Tree of Life of Kabbalah Emanation (Hermetic) with the Capricorn Path.

Its origin is the letter Ayin ע which represents the projection of materialized wisdom in the world of forms. The meaning of the letter is “eye” or it can also be “source”. Which leads to consider it as the source or origin of each form.

The letter Ayin alludes to our fragmented vision, to the world of forms, where light and darkness exist in equality as well as in the perception of the human eye. The very form of the letter alludes to the union of the tree of knowledge (unity) with the tree of good and evil (fragmentation).

“True freedom, that which brings with it the true connection with Ayin, is the control of one’s desires, particularly one’s own ego, since the chains are mental.” Eduardo Madirloas.

In the tree of life mark the path that communicates Tiferet (the beauty of the higher self) with Hod(the structured language or the divine messenger), a path that leads us to a communication focused on expressing our truth, the expression of our essence through the forms of structured language.

Activation of the energy of Capricorn or the Devil

Activating this energy will help you to free yourself from the chains of the mind, to connect with the unconscious, with desire and pleasure. You can do it through the observation of the letter Ayin ע or with our synergy of tarot n 15.


The effect of Synergy # 15:

This synergy invites us to relax and let it flow, to let go of control over all things and other people, to enjoy observing constant change, free nature. It helps us to reconnect with our own sexual, creative and unconscious energy, allowing us to find and release our deepest feelings and to discover ourselves as unique beings. It invites us to enjoy and connect with each of our aspects and with life in all its multiplicity, it helps to develop intuition, artistic creativity, joy, good humor and understanding towards ourselves and others from a clean perspective and loving.

See the synergy


Synergy perfume of essential oils to activate the energy of Capricorn