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Capricorn and The Devil Correspondence Zodiac and Tarot

It is linked to the Archetype of the Tarot The Devil as the relationship with that cold and objective mind that often becomes a mooring, chain or a great test…

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Sagittarius and Temperance || Zodiac and Tarot Correspondences

Ruled by Jupiter, it represents the energy of expansion and alchemy, the centaur that is projected through its arrow beyond all limits, it does not recognize…

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Scorpio and the Arcanum 13

Scorpio is the Alchemist of the zodiac, a sign of transformation, who like the Phoenix, is reborn and rebuilt from the ashes. From this rebirth, he establishes…

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Libra and Justice | Zodiac and Tarot

It represents the pleasure of fairness, balance and harmony in the universe. Libra marks the time to see the outside, what happens beyond our noses and the…

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The Chariot and Cancer

Cancer and the Chariot represents the inner journey, discovering the essence, finding the tools and feeling safe to be able to undertake the great journey.

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Rock Rose, the plant of personal search

Rock Rose unleashes blockages and allows us to see and understand, heals the wounds of the soul, healing psychic and spiritual traumas.

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Cosmic rays and how to boost them

Cosmic rays are powerful healing energies that we can draw on whenever we need them through our Chakras or energy points.

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Activate and balance your chakras

Nine combinations of 32 essential oils selected for their excellent energetic properties make up our synergies of the chakras,

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Essential oils for women

Today we want to mention the essential oils that most benefit women, since ancient times women have sought knowledge about how plants could heal their own…

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From essential oils to the Tarot

We see the relationship of plants with the Tarot by understanding how different plants help overcome emotional blocks, connect with more subtle energy fields…

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Numerology and aromatherapy for Arcane 13

The arcane of Tarot n 13 does not have a name although it is usually associated with death, since it is the energy of transformation at a very deep level.

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From Numerology to Tarot

As some already know numerology tells us about the meaning of each number and its energy in our life, it is a gift that we choose to bring with us before we…

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0-22 The energy of Infinity

In moments of difficulty, meditating with this energy will bring us tranquility and joy, it will put us in contact with our essence, our soul and for the…

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Gemini and Lovers

Versatility || Communication || Sociability || Imagination Gemini and The Lover are fast, changeable, passionate, communicative, expressive, etc.

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Signs of the zodiac and their equivalence with the Tarot

Common aspects between the signs of the zodiac and the arcana of the Tarot. By meditating on the energy of an Arcanum, you can connect with aspects of the…

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The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara in Sanskrit It is our connection to the universe, to our higher self, to our consciousness, to our guides and teachers. When we…

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Third Eye Chakra or Ajna || The vision

I see clearly and enhance my intuition It is the chakra where the internal and cosmic energies converge, the connection with our soul. By enhancing this chakra…

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Meditation through the Tarot and the Kabbalah

The Evolutionary Tarot is a way to expand our consciousness. Today we propose to you for these days of inner travel, recollection and balance, to meditate…

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Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra | Will, personal power

It is also known as the source of power or our inner sun. Although in the Sacral Chakra is where our emotions are born, it is in the Plexus or also called…

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Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana | Creativity, Energy

It connects with creativity, sexual energy, vigor, and emotions. It is where our desires for everything we do are born. It helps us fully enjoy life. I

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The number 4 or The Emperor

The conqueror of the material world, consolidation and earthly structure corresponds to No. 4, structure and reason. He has already achieved the power he…

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Identify your number or arcane (card) of the tarot by your Numerology

Know what is your psychic number, your destination number and your name or family number, the numbers are energies that have to do with who we are.

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