Capricorn and The Devil Correspondence Zodiac and Tarot

Capricorn and The Devil Correspondence Zodiac and Tarot

Self-knowledge || Creativity || Libido || Unconscious.

Capricorn is the last of the Earth signs and the sign that best represents that energy, due to its objectivity, will and self-demand. Its modality is cardinal because it contains all the terrestrial energy in power, (the Cardinal modality represents the arrival of that energy to the earth, so it comes with all the force for its later materialization in Taurus, which is of fixed modality) for Capricorn is essential to stay firm, sure, his dreams always concrete and goes for them at all costs.

Its regent is Saturn, the most distant of the planets and the great mother in Kabbalah since it represents Bina, the organizing mind of reality.

They are characterized by their high level of planning, responsibility and respect for the law. Very methodical and demanding since their objectivity is brutal to the point of making them cold and calculating.

It is linked to the Archetype of the Tarot The Devil as the relationship with that cold and objective mind that often becomes a mooring, chain or a great test especially if the function of the mind is linked to the protection of the Ego. Here it is observed how the rational conscious mind confronts the unconscious, a confrontation that can become a struggle when trying to find and understand the (non-egoic) essence of emotions and the connection with unity, a confrontation for the acceptance of what is we are not able to control. To finally define ourselves as complete beings where the mind is a very important part and for it to allow us to develop beyond our safety or comfort zone, the mind must work for us, not us for it. It is at that moment where we break the chains and find freedom.

The Devil Archetype of the Tarot

Different versions of The Devil in the Tarot

It is the great test, going into the depths of the unconscious to detach from the bonds. The Devil is a call to meet the depths of our being, to know ourselves and recognize ourselves in a different way than to free ourselves from the moorings that do not allow us to emerge into the light.

When we face this hidden part of ourselves and accept it, it is where a new self comes out, a different way of seeing life and where we connect with creativity and the fire that impels us in a new stage of our spiritual journey.

It also refers to the fact that any creation from which it comes needs darkness, silence and intimacy for its formation, as well as the baby in the womb or the seed in the earth. The devil leads us to enter that darkness to create new versions of ourselves in communion with our nature and our unconscious.


The Devil and Capricorn in Kabbalah.

Tree of Life of Kabbalah Emanation (Hermetic) with the Capricorn Path.

Its origin is the letter Ayin ע which represents the projection of materialized wisdom in the world of forms. The meaning of the letter is “eye” or it can also be “source”. Which leads to consider it as the source or origin of each form.

The letter Ayin alludes to our fragmented vision, to the world of forms, where light and darkness exist in equality as well as in the perception of the human eye. The very form of the letter alludes to the union of the tree of knowledge (unity) with the tree of good and evil (fragmentation).

“True freedom, that which brings with it the true connection with Ayin, is the control of one’s desires, particularly one’s own ego, since the chains are mental.” Eduardo Madirloas.

In the tree of life mark the path that communicates Tiferet (the beauty of the higher self) with Hod(the structured language or the divine messenger), a path that leads us to a communication focused on expressing our truth, the expression of our essence through the forms of structured language.

Activation of the energy of Capricorn or the Devil

Activating this energy will help you to free yourself from the chains of the mind, to connect with the unconscious, with desire and pleasure. You can do it through the observation of the letter Ayin ע or with our synergy of tarot n 15.


The effect of Synergy # 15:

This synergy invites us to relax and let it flow, to let go of control over all things and other people, to enjoy observing constant change, free nature. It helps us to reconnect with our own sexual, creative and unconscious energy, allowing us to find and release our deepest feelings and to discover ourselves as unique beings. It invites us to enjoy and connect with each of our aspects and with life in all its multiplicity, it helps to develop intuition, artistic creativity, joy, good humor and understanding towards ourselves and others from a clean perspective and loving.

See the synergy


Synergy perfume of essential oils to activate the energy of Capricorn

Sagittarius and Temperance || Zodiac and Tarot Correspondences

Sagittarius and Temperance || Zodiac and Tarot Correspondences

Harmony | Integration | Alchemy | Ying Yang

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and mutable, the last of the Fire signs.

Ruled by Jupiter, it represents the energy of expansion and alchemy, the centaur that is projected through its arrow beyond all limits, it does not recognize borders, it is capable of putting everything in its ideals, in what it sees and feels. It is capable of transforming into that arrow.

He goes after the truth, with the clarity of experience and the energy of fire.

Jupiter is the one who governs the month of Sagittarius and is the planet of fortune and abundance.

Temperance Tarot arcanum XIIII

It is the archetype of health and Alchemy, the ability to synthesize healing and transmutation. The image of the guardian angel that whispers in your ear and gives you the necessary advice to transform your experiences into wisdom. It also represents the moment in which we manage to understand the reason for our experiences in order to integrate them and move to another stage.

Sagittarius and Temperance in Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah tree of lifeteaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The Paths are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon.

kabbalah tree with the sagittarius trailTree of life of Kabbalah emanation (Hermetic) with the Sagittarius path.

In the tree of life, a circular letter that represents the cycles of life is represented by the letter Samech (ס), it is the one that sustains and drives us, the circle that symbolizes the void where everything is in power.

Mark on the tree of life the path that goes from Yesod to Tiferet. Being Yesod the foundation and our primary self, it is here where the ego and the personality are found, that mask that we put on before others. Tifertet, on the other hand, marks our highest self, our inner sun, which makes us shine, without masks and with controlled ego. So this path or path symbolizes the transcendence of the ego, the meeting of our essence, of what sustains us and allows us to transform ourselves through the domain of the ego and our personality.


Jupiter the ruler of this month and of the sign of Sagittarius corresponds to the energy of Hesed mercy, giving without limits, that is why it is the month of abundance, sharing and expansion.


Activate the energy of Sagittarius or Temperance

Para activar la energía de Sagitario puedes meditar con la letra Hebrea y o con la carta del Tarot que le corresponde: La Templanza o el arcano número XIIII; o de la forma que más nos gusta a nosotras, a través de una sinergia de aceites esenciales que hemos creado especialmente para ello.


The effect of Synergy # 14:

The synergy of La Temperance helps us to integrate our experiences in an alchemical way, to transform them into real knowledge. To harmonize our yin and yang aspects to integrate our opposite poles and find an alchemical balance between the masculine and the feminine, as well as to integrate our earthly with the spiritual part, helping us to allow the subsequent evolution. It connects us with our desire for growth and expansion. Go see the synergy.

Synergy perfume of essential oils to activate the energy of Sagittarius

Scorpio and the Arcanum 13

Scorpio and The Nameless Arcanum or Death

Cleaning | Detachment | Transmutation | Alchemy

Scorpio is the Alchemist of the zodiac, a sign of transformation, who like the Phoenix, is reborn and rebuilt from the ashes. From this rebirth, he establishes a link with power, which can materialize in creativity, sexuality or healing, as well as distrust or prejudice. Its nature is water, emotions, which unlike Cancer which is Ruled by the Moon, Scorpio by its ruler (Pluto) takes it to a maximum depth, and its co-ruler Mars gives it intensity and a tendency to conflict.

The challenge for Scorpio is to learn to die, in the sense of concluding cycles to restart new experiences of rebirth and transformation for their personal growth, learning to use the power of their shadow in an act of transcendence and love.

The Arcanum 13 Death

When we take the signs of the zodiac to the major arcana of the Tarot, Scorpio corresponds to the number 13, it has no name, but it is usually known as Death. Like Scorpio, it has such a power of transformation that it changes even the skin and the flesh, remaining in the bones, that is why in the Tarot it is represented by a skeleton, which with its Scythe is pulling the roots out of the earth, and transforming the ground you walk into compost to plant new seeds, a new, different world, keeping only the nutrients of the old.

Scorpio is an intense, deep and passionate sign, it governs the 8th house, which represents the hidden, the unconscious, what cannot be controlled and which demands a surrender to events, to life and to one’s own shadow.

Scorpio and Kabbalah

On the tree of life occupies the path 24 that unites Tiferet, the beauty or the deep self, who I really am with Netzaj the abstract creative energy, the creativity of artists whose language is not structured, the creation of symbols and figures that come from the depths of our unconscious, also called La Victoria, for the transformative and revealing power it has over matter.

The path gives Scorpios an attraction to the abstract and hidden behind each shape. They have a magnetism and a special attraction for what is not seen with the naked eye.

Kabbalah Emanation Tree of Life (Hermetic) with Scorpio Path

The letter that created Scorpio is the Nun (נ) and the Dalet (ד) to Mars, which depending on the time and the type of astrology is the ruler or co-ruler of said signs. Both letters form the word Din which means Judgment. Which gives Scorpios a permanent state of alertness and a strong need for control.

They tend to be very sincere, extreme at times, and have little tact. They are very intuitive, to the point of detecting internal sensations in others. They are very generous although sometimes the reason may be the control and dependence they cause in others. They do not control their emotions well and are very intense, which has made them a reputation for being jealous and vindictive.

The intensity of Scorpios is due in large part to the fact that they are a sign of water and fire, which in itself is a paradox, but a great tool when they learn to unify and direct their passions and emotions in noble, productive or creative ends and of personal growth.


In the human body, Scorpio is related to the sexual organs and the sense of smell.

Activate and integrate the energy of Scorpio

To activate the energy of Scorpio you can meditate with the Hebrew letter and or with the Tarot card that corresponds to Arcanum XIII, or in the way that we like the most, through a synergy of essential oils that we have created especially for it.

The effect of Synergy # 13:

It helps us to develop our innate capacity for deep transformation, and to purify body, mind and soul for the next transformation. It helps to develop an absolute confidence in ourselves beyond the reality in which we are in the present, to make us aware that our energy will remain intact after having passed the tests or the most profound changes. It also helps us to balance our emotions with our passions, to be able to direct them to our benefit.

See Scorpio synergy or number 13

Synergy perfume of essential oils to activate the energy of Scorpio

Libra and Justice | Zodiac and Tarot

Libra and Justice

Objectivity |Beauty | Balance | Order

Libra is a sign of balance, vitality and beauty; like Taurus it is ruled by the pleasure planet Venus, but it is lighter than its sister sign, since Libra is an Air sign. It represents the pleasure of fairness, balance and harmony in the universe.

The second part of the year begins; In the first part we have focused on ourselves and put the seeds, Libra marks the moment to look outside, to pay attention to what is happening beyond our noses and also focuses on the germination of the seeds planted in the first part of the year.

Just as Libra is mobilized by Equity and beauty, The Arcanum of Justice is characterized by its objectivity, by a panoramic vision where all possibilities fit, a Justice without prior judgments, where all factors count and have the same importance.

Justice is the first Arcanum to stare at whoever observes it, with an impartial gaze, that is why it has marked the third eye, because it is capable of taking into account what is not seen with the naked eye and leaving behind what is already it does not serve you.

Libra and La Justicia are characterized by their search for beauty in everything, be it things, people or situations. They are distinguished by a global vision trying to cover all perspectives. An objective vision that allows you to detach yourself from what no longer serves you and nip it in the bud.

Distintas cartas o Arcanos de La Justicia

Justice in different Tarot decks

Libra and Justice in Kabbalah.

In the tree of life, it is represented by the letter Lamed (ל) whose shape simulates the lightning ray, in charge of making the energies of the superior worlds descend, as well as where the energies rise from the earth, it is a channel, that balances and communicates light with darkness.

The month of Libra is called Tishrei and marks the beginning of the second half of the year, the beginning of the feminine energy, the materialization and germination of the seed sown in the first six months of the year (masculine energy).

Kabbalah Emanation Tree of Life (Hermetic) with Libra Path

In the tree of life Libra or Lamed occupy the path that goes from Geburá to Tiferet, which indicates to us that the limits are necessary for the growth and discovery of our highest Self. Limits teach us how far we can go, and what situations transgress them. Learning to live and enjoy our own limitations teaches us to enjoy life from another perspective.

The month of Libra has the potential to show us a broader range of perspectives so that we can choose without prejudice where we want to go, trust our capabilities and accept our limitations.

Activate the energy of Libra or Justice

To activate the energy of Libra you can meditate with the Hebrew letter I with the Tarot card that corresponds to VIII Justice, or in the way that we like the most, through essential oil synergies that we have created especially for this .

The effect of Tarot Synergy # 8:

It will help you see situations with objectivity and mental clarity without judging, express ideas clearly and materialize them. It brings courage to identify and overcome or accept our own mental constructions or limitations, prejudices and self-delusions that prevent us from advancing and evolving spiritually. Help see reality as it is, comfort.

The effect of Third Eye Chakra Synergy:

It allows to accept other dimensions; reinforces mental clarity and spiritual discernment. Ajna or Third Eye synergy realigns and connects all the chakras establishing a link between conscious and subconscious, helps to develop objective vision, intuition and extrasensory perception.

Perfume synergies of essential oils to activate the energy of Libra or Justice

The Chariot and Cancer

Cancer and the Chariot

Inner Journey | Progress| Action | Sensitivity

Cancer, the crab, is the sign of sensitivity, family and security, although at first glance it is difficult to relate it to the Chariot, because it may not feel identified with external movement, it is a sign of a great internal movement, due to its sensitivity it is able to develop its interiority and deepen its unconscious, due to its vital connection with the Moon (ruling planet) and therefore also with its ancestors and guides.

Unlike other signs, ruled by two or more planets and sharing ruling planets with other signs, Cancer is ruled solely and exclusively by the Moon, which makes it extremely sensitive to changes, extreme emotionality and essential inner work for its stability and its contact with the outside world. It represents the uterus where life is gestated.

The Chariot is the Archetype of the inner journey, of discovering the essence, finding the tools and feeling safe to be able to undertake the great journey.

Symbolism of The Chariot

It is the energy that helps us to differentiate what is transcendent from what is not. To concentrate without interference on the way forward.

As we can see in the card or Arcanum of the Tarot The Chariot, the hero or King goes in an armored carriage, protected from the outside, on his shoulders 2 moons support him, symbolizing the 2 outer pillars of the tree of life; that of mercy on the right and that of severity on the left, symbolizing that his path, through the central pillar, is being guided by divine energy.

In its crown the pentagram or Tetragrammaton (in the kabbalistic tarot) symbolizes its union with the infinite and the alchemical materialization of the invisible energies on earth.

Two horses or sphinxes (depending on the tarot deck) are those that carry this carriage, apparently too heavy and ostentatious to be moved, they represent the mind and the spirit, also indicating that we must focus on the essence of things and on the balance of these two factors so as not to carry more than necessary and thus be able to undertake our mission or path of life.

The Chariot, Cancer and Kabbalah:

The tree of life of Kabbalah teaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The Paths are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon.

The letter Jet (ח) means fence that separates from the outside, like the image of cancer, the armored crab. It is also the letter of transcendence, the number 7 symbolizes what comes beyond the manifestation of the material world. This letter in turn is made up of the 2 previous letters of the alphabet (וז), which tell us about overcoming the limits of reality through the connection with the letter Vav which means healing connected with the superior worlds, and Zain that represents the sword that allows us to break the perception of reality to have a higher vision of the manifested world. The Jet is the energy that helps us focus on the essence of things, so as not to carry more than necessary.

In the tree of life is the letter that is located on the path that connects Binah(the mother or mind) with Geburah (the limits) represents free will and the limits imposed by our own mind and morals created by the maturity of the personality. Limits necessary by the limiting nature of the manifested world.

The month of Cancer is the first of the 3 months with negative forces, which impel us to go beyond the judgments and the month of Tammuz gives us the possibility to find balance and overcome the limitations of the physical world.

That is why all this is that the challenge of Cancer is to overcome the challenges of his own armor and free himself from the material limitations that many times imprison him, recognizing within himself his talent, empathy and perception of the intuitive world that will lead him to mobilize in his own development.

And the chariot in turn represents a vehicle of the spirit in the universe of manifestation. How else could the spirit materialize if not by taking action.

Effect of Synergy Perfume for Cancer “7 The Chariot”:

The essential oil blend for Cancer or The Chariot perfume is designed to help you focus on your inner growth, on the essentials you need to advance on your path of self-knowledge. It also gives you the energy and mental acuity necessary not to carry other people’s problems, since Cancer, due to its great sensitivity, tends to take care of the problems of the people it loves. Synergy also helps you to have the confidence to move forward without fear and not get stuck or stuck in your emotions, to be able to follow your path renewed and liberated. Go to see

Synergy perfume of essential oils to activate the energy of Cancer

Cosmic rays and how to boost them

The flames or cosmic rays, how to use them in our days and their relationship with the Chakras

What are the 7 rays or cosmic flames

The study of the Rays comes from Theosophy in the East and from Gnosticism in the West.

In Theosophy it was the Tibetan teacher Djwhal Khul, who refers to these rays as seven basic energies emanating from a great cosmic ray. They are the 7 expressions of life.

Originating in the unity of the universe are the 7 spectra that make up light, each of these rays is a quality of life, they are related to the creation of planets and to every being. Each one of us is the expression and part of one of the 7 rays. So there are 7 types or roots of soul.

The rays influence us and deliver specific qualities. Its qualities and aspects are associated with a planet, an Ascended Master, resonate more strongly one day of the week and represent or are ruled by an Archangel (understanding them as a concentration of energy). In our physical body the seven rays manifest in a gland or chakra activating it and doing the function of gateway into our own being.

Each one of us will identify more with a ray because of the mission that he came to develop in this life, and because of the origin of his soul, the search and recognition of our own ray is usually natural and spontaneous. This does not mean that the other rays or energies do not serve us at certain times since, like them, we are part of the unit and we have a bit of everyone.

Cosmic rays and our chakras

Cosmic rays are powerful healing energies that we can draw on whenever we need them through our Chakras or energy points. And we can make the most of its energy on a specific day of the week to cleanse and activate these Chakras.

In the following table you can see which chakra corresponds to each ray, the colors are not the same as what we are used to, since the energies of the rays come from states or universes more subtle than ours, and when they materialize they adapt to our vibration. We have added a last box with two essential oil synergies that will help you connect with each ray, one from our Chakra line and the other from our Tarot line, you can choose the one you like best.

As each cosmic ray is more powerful on a specific day of the week, we invite you to meditate each day with one of these rays to feel its influence in your life, if you still do not know which is yours, this exercise can help you discover it.

Suggested synergies by day of the week

Sunday || Blue ray of personal power

Monday || Golden ray of wisdom and expansion

Tuesday || Pink ray of divine love

Wednesday ||White Ray Hope, purity

Thursday || Green Ray Healing, Vitality

Friday || Ruby ray of service and devotion

Saturday || Violet ray of magic and transmutation

From essential oils to the Tarot

From essential oils to the Tarot

Many times ask us what is the relationship between Tarot and essential oils, and that is why we have made this article, to delve a little into the wonderful world of plants and how through their qualities and / or properties they drive us and guide us in our own spiritual process.

We see the relationship of plants with the Tarot by understanding how different plants help overcome emotional blocks, connect with more subtle energy fields or activate different parts of our mental processes.

The tarot shows us archetypically what energies we are working with, either through our numerology, or at some specific moment in our lives, and through essential oils we connect, unlock if necessary and integrate that energy in order to continue with our own evolutionary process.


Plants and their essential oils

Plant DNA like ours it is formed as the plant evolves, and it has written what is necessary for the plant to survive in its environment, its aroma and even its sage are agents that help it in its growth process and relationship with its environment, Like humans, when the inhospitable environment is richer is its essential oil, the lack of comfort induces us to action and to evolve.

The essential oilsof plants come to be like our hormones, compounds that act as carriers of information, both internally and to communicate with other plants of the same family, of the same species, of different species or with other beings such as insects, birds , herbivores, humans.

In addition to their subsistence properties, essential oils from plants contain substances that human beings help us to heal, and that as a species we have used since our dawn, in this way connecting with the information of the plant is also connecting with another time, a mythical time where we were much closer, much more united .

In general, plants will always bring a benefit to the person, pleasant, soft, strong, spicy aromas, each one of them performs a function; sometimes an aroma may not be very pleasant for a certain person, that is why we should not force ourselves too much to investigate what it evokes us and try to understand what emotion or memory is causing us that blockage that manifests itself with a negative reaction with the smell.

How essential oils or aromas benefit us

Already from ancient cultures the healing properties of plants have been used, of our grandmothers and grandfathers we surely remember how they used this or the other plant in infusions, creams or baths. For indigenous cultures and for latent millennial cultures, today plants are sacred and so is their use, therefore we believe that each essential oil used in our synergies should be considered as such.

The aroma of plants is their voice and their soul, connecting with them we channel their energy and absorb their power. Keep in mind that the aroma is the entrance to our body. The communication that is established through essential oils between plants and people, all the information (we could say akashika) that it contains spreads through our bodies cell by cell; each of our cells contains olfactory receptors that are activated by aromas, that is where they do their job.

For the elaboration of essential oils large amounts of plants are required, a simple drop of essential oil carries the power of many of them. When we use essential oils we must have great respect for their origin, being aware of the sacrifice that we have asked for our benefit.

In our formulas we promote respectful use with small doses of essential oils that ensure a sweeter, more stable and conscious healing work.

Numerology and aromatherapy for Arcane 13

The Nameless Arcane or The Transformation

The arcane of Tarot n 13 has no name although it is usually associated with death, since it is the energy of transformation at a very deep level, which is why it is graphed with a skeleton plowing the earth, as a sign that only what remains Essentially, everything else is used as compost on our way for something new to emerge.

Cutting roots, cleaning what we do not need, preparing the land to plant something new, a renewal or a new beginning. It also tells us that certain relationships and structures that no longer contribute to our path, as long as our mind is not released, something new cannot begin.


The 13 in my numerology

People with 13 as a personality or destination number have the innate ability to reinvent themselves, to access their essence, although this does not stop them from going through hard processes. It is important that they become aware of who they are, regardless of the circumstances of life that are happening, the global vision is the key to overcome the obstacles that arise.

Common questions from number 13: what of me should I transform? What situations or people do I retain and do they not contribute to my spiritual growth? Who am I really and what do I want to do with my life?

The Kabbalistic Path of Arcanum 13

On the tree of life occupies the path number 24 is the path between Tipheret (the beauty of the self) with Netzaj (victory or artistic expression). Representing the constant renewal for the growth and victory of the soul, the power to let go to nourish ourselves with new experiences.
It is the way of artistic expression and communication.

Effects of synergy for Number 13.

Purify your body, mind and soul. It connects you with the energy of transformation, gives you willpower and confidence to overcome stagnant situations or profound changes and be able to start again.

Decree or meditation recommended

“I let go and purify myself of my bonds, I transmute myself, so that new and prosperous shoots emerge from me.”


Discover my numbers according to numerology

From Numerology to Tarot

The Relationship between the numbers and the Tarot Cards

As some already know numerology tells us about the meaning of each number and its energy in our life, it is a gift that we choose to bring with us before we are born, a connection with our soul and with the universe.

If you want to see what your numbers are, click here.

Both our date of birth and our name when translating them into numbers reveal a certain frequency to connect with our cosmic origin.

The Tarot Cards or Arcana are the human or archetypal representation of the energy of each number. Each drawing, color, expression, posture and gaze in the arcana teach us qualities, virtues and possible difficulties of the number to which it corresponds and that at some point we have chosen to bring with us.

The Tarot, in addition to showing us graphically the qualities of each number, serves us as a tool to meditate and integrate.

Numerology to 22

Although traditional Numerologytakes into account only 1 to 9, 10 or 11 depending on the school or vision, the Tarot does not contradict this, but rather gives us a slightly broader spectrum. The Tarot de Marseille major Arcans (ones we use) are 22, where the arcana from 1 to 10 represent the physical, earthly, social plane and the superior ones from 11 to 22 or 0 symbolize energy from the first 10 taken to a plane. spiritual.

As in Numerology each energy has its predecessor and successor are a sequence, in the Tarot the energies are added, that is, 5 contains 1,2,3 and 4. Number by number the arcanes make up a path, called the hero’s path, where the being evolves through different stages, learning and testing, different energies.

Common aspects and their relationship with Kabbalah

The tree of life of Kabbalah teaches us by way of a map, ten dimensions or levels of consciousness; its study, understanding and integration gradually brings us closer to understanding the infinity of which we are part. Between each of the 10 dimensions called Sefirot, there are 22 paths or channels that interconnect them. The channels are manifested in forms, giving rise to the 22 Hebrew letters that are represented archetypally by the 22 arcana of the Tarot, 12 of those letters have a direct connection with the 12 zodiacal signs and the other 10 with the planets the sun and the moon .

We have brought the energy of each Tarot Arcanum to a perfume

Through essential oils and evolutionary aromatherapy we have transformed the energy of each arcanum into a Perfume, which helps us to feel, understand and integrate the particularity of each number or arcanum in our lives and to grow.
Energetic aromatherapy, psychoaromatherapy or evolutionary aromatherapy is a branch of aromatherapy that focuses on a more subtle, spiritual and energetic path, also on an emotional level; We believe in the connection that can be established between the soul of plants and ours, helping us to heal and grow.

Our synergies are a help or accompaniment in your personal work of inner change, we want you to be able to solve your energy blocks (emotions, experiences, desires) with the invaluable help of essential oils, energy and the being of each plant. More than sixty essential oils in twenty-two mezcas focused on enhancing each of these energies, on the right you can see a relationship of the different energies that govern each number and how synergies enhance it.

Solid perfume of the Star that helps self-acceptance and finding our inner capabilities.

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If you have any questions or want us to help you to calculate your numbers or you don’t know which synergy would be good for activating and / or balancing your energy, write to us :-), we can advise you.

Aromatherapy and Tarot

The energies of the arcana and the effects of our perfumes

1.- The Magician: Potential | Start | Action | Materialization
Roots to the earth, bring confidence and energy to materialize projects.
2.- High Priestess: Study | Concentration | Calm | Understanding
It helps in study, concentration and understanding.
3.- The Empress: Creativity | Femininity | Security | Optimism
It stimulates your own energy, opens the heart and allows you to enjoy life.
4.- The Emperor: Stability | Authority | Trust | Structure
It brings strength, serenity and flexibility of mind.
5.- The Pope: Empathy | Compassion | Spirituality | Meditation
Connect with the spiritual and open to universal love.
6.- The Lover: Decision | Resolution | Pleasure | Concentration
Give optimism, perspective and rational capacity to be able to decide.
7.- The Chariot: Progress | Action | Energy | Vitality
It gives confidence and inner strength to keep moving forward.
8.- Justice: Objectivity | Balance | Detachment | Order
It brings clarity of mind and courage to evolve spiritually.
9.- The Hermit: Overcoming | Release | Relief | Joy
Release the past, connect with the universe and comfort the heart
10.- The Wheel of Fortune: Flow | Detachment | Clarity | Perspective
Helps to flow and experience new relationships, brings calm and innocence.
11.- The Force: Courage | Instinct | Overcoming | Determination
It stimulates, provides inner strength, determination, confidence, and adaptability.
12 .- The Hanging man: Confidence | Acceptance | Calm Purification
Helps to evolve spiritually, heals scars of the soul.
13.- The arcane without Name: Cleaning | Detachment | Overcoming | Optimism
Purify body, mind and soul. Helps to overcome profound changes.
14.- Temperance: Harmony | Integration | Acceptance | Ying Yang
Harmonizes opposite poles, maintains inner balance.
15.- The Devil: Self-knowledge | Creativity | Libido | Impulsiveness
Relax and stimulate to be able to enjoy and know each part of the unconscious.
16.- The Tower: Adaptability | Detachment | Analysis | Opportunities
Calms and refreshes the mind, help to understand and adapt to new realities.
17.- The Star: Self-esteem | Delivery | Acceptance | Energy
Reveals the latent capacities within each person.
18.- The Moon: Intuition | Clairvoyance | Channeling | Compassion
It awakens intuition and helps connect with the universe.
19.- The sun: Universal Love | Prosperity | Joy | Empathy
It evokes a paradise of universal love, understanding and compassion.
20.- The Judgment: Evolution | Peace | Contemplation | Understanding |
It rewards with satisfaction our learning along the path of life.
21.- The world: Receptivity | Freedom | Integration | Value
It helps to end, integrate and release with wisdom, to be reborn in a new consciousness.
22.- The Fool: Freedom | Courage | Trust | Curiosity
It brings courage, curiosity and desire to undertake exceptional paths.

0-22 The energy of Infinity

0 or 22

0 is void, pure cosmic consciousness before manifestation, the infinity of which everything is part, like grains of sand. It is also the cosmic egg where the manifestation is present.

In the Tarot it is also 22, the last card or Arcanum The Fool, it represents that cosmic consciousness from where we come from and where we are going, it is the primary will driven by love. The first emanation of consciousness.

The Fool Arcane of the Tarot

On the way of the hero it symbolizes the moment when the will to take the path is present, not for the purpose of winning or losing, but for the mere enjoyment of the path itself.

The Archetype of the Fool carries in his bag, all the memories and experiences learned, his belt has 12 balls, 7 of which we can see and the other 5 are hidden from our eyes, they represent the 12 months of the year, the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 energies that we have on our way.

He is on the edge of a precipice, distracted looking at the sky without realizing that he is about to fall, his dog warns him to save him. This image illustrates the importance of being attentive to the path, and although we can always go one step further, we cannot be amazed looking at the sky.

The Fool and Kabbalah

In Kabbalah, the letter Aleph א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the creative Superconsciousness of the universe. The origin through the first contraction of infinity and its unity.

In this letter the creation is hidden, the union of the sky with the earth, is made up of 3 letters; 2 Yod and a Vav that separates them. One Yod to heaven and one to Earth.

Meditate with the energy of 0-22 The Fool

In moments of difficulty, meditating with this energy will bring us tranquility and joy, it will put us in contact with ouressence, our soul and for the reason that we are here, we will be able to see the problems with perspective, remove gravity, which will help us flow with freedom.

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