We have created nine synergies to activate and balance each of our chakras.

We have created nine synergies to activate and balance each of our chakras. Each synergy is made with high quality essential oils looking for those that can contribute the most at a therapeutic or energy level, we work with 100% pure essential oils, we select essential oils: organic, without solvents, and from honest brands and respectful of nature and the environment.

What makes our chakra synergies so special and unique are its components, not to mention the light-proof violet packaging that keeps the essential oil properties intact for a long time.

Nine combinations of 32 essential oils selected for their excellent energy properties make up our chakra synergies.

Each of these synergies is a blend of four to five essential oils specific to that chakra.

We compose synergies with different essential oils
seeking a specific therapeutic result and effective holistic healingfor each one of them. Essential oils are the hormones of plants, their voice and their soul, by connecting with them we channel their energy and absorb their power. The communication that is established through essential oils between plants and people is a transfer of information, a restoration of our own energy, where plants help us to regain the balance lost in our body cell by cell.

Although the priority when composing synergies is therapeutic, the result is a surprising scent.

For a safe application on the skin, the essential oils are integrated in a base of organic virgin Jojoba oil, this oil (which is actually a liquid wax) does not spoil over time,keeping the properties of essential oils intact. Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer for all skin types and does not leave an oily layer as it has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin helping essential oils to penetrate with it.

The violet glass container preserves the properties of the synergy in its entirety for a long time, since, as it is not transparent, it protects the essential oils from visible light *, keeping them active for a long time.
* Visible (white) light deteriorates organic components, breaking their molecular structure.

We accompany all our synergies with a small amethyst to which we have done reiki to enhance your synergy.

It is a Vegan product
We use Jojoba oil (a liquid wax) as the basis for our synergies. All vegetable.

9 Synergies Packs

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Aromatherapy Synergies Box 9 CHAKRAS


Boost, activate and balance your chakras with essential oils. Balance and activation pack of nine…

How does each of the synergies help?

3rd SOLAR PLEXUS: self-esteem, personal power, harmony

Lemon, Sweet Fennel, Exotic Verbena, Peppermint

The balance of this chakra helps us to accept others without losing our own identity or joy, brings confidence, transforms external stimuli into self-knowledge and understanding. It connects us with the present moment, bringing joy and tranquility.

THYM (Minor Chakra): immunity, intuition, inspiration

Eucalyptus, Laurel, Sage Clarea

Activates and purifies the thymus gland in charge of the immune system, in addition to stimulating inspiration, developing creativity and opening the door to the unconscious.

6th THIRD EYE: clarity, vision, discernment

Hyssop Decumbens, Immortelle, Rosemary Verbenone, White Thyme.

Realigns and connects all the chakras, reactivates the energetic circulation of the kundalini and establishes a link between the root chakra and Ajna, uniting the subconscious while holding us to the earth, allowing us to accept other dimensions; strengthens mental clarity and spiritual discernment, clairvoyance and intuition.

SUPRACORONAL (1st – extracorporeal): connection, universal love, transcendence

Lavender, Neroli, Jasmine, Damask Rose, Rockrose

It brings courage, vitality and joy, opens universal love, compassion and tenderness; develops spiritual capacities, communication with other dimensions and purifies the subtle bodies.

ROOT 1: roots, stability, trust, security, courage

Angelica, Vetiver, Carrot, Black Pepper, Clove

This synergy gives us the ability to visualize our capabilities and possibilities. It helps us to become aware of who we are and of our incarnation on earth. It gives us acceptance, rootedness, inner strength, trust, courage, warmth, connection with the body, union with the earth, acceptance of oneself and stability, establishing a bond with the Earth.

2nd SACR: creativity, desire, enjoyment

Tangerine, Bitter Orange, Rockrose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang

It is related to the gestation of creativity, communication, our sexuality and the enjoyment of life. When it is balanced you will feel that your life passes in harmony. It invites us to contemplate the world and relationships from a clean vision, giving us the ability to marvel from joy and innocence.

4th HEART: Love, joy, liberation

Black Spruce, Atlas Cedar, Bergamot, Marjoram, Damask Rose (Pure)

Regenerates and fills with vitality and joy this central chakra of our being, providing sweetness and universal love. The balance of this brings us calm, serenity, strength and emotional liberation, love towards ourselves and towards others, it is the energy of forgiveness and acceptance.

5th THROAT: Expression, communication, perspective

Coriander, Elemi, Green Myrtle, Cardamom, Blue Chamomile

It helps to identify the truth and to assert ourselves with courage, it develops our capacity for verbal expression, it frees us from fears and negative feelings, also helping to achieve harmonious communication with others.

7th CORONAL: calm, harmony, understanding, wisdom

Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Atlas Cedar

It brings harmony, balance, purity and communication on a spiritual level, establishing a link with our higher self. Connect and balance all the chakras connecting the energy of the Earth with that of the sky through us.

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