Via Numerology and in unison with Aromatherapy, Simaiblue has created the first line of Tarot Soaps and Perfumes, a unique product, infused with energy, nourished by nature, inspired by traditions and cultures, that promote interior growth and personal equilibrium, harmony and well-being.

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The rationale behind the creation and use of these energising synergies and perfumes is to boost a specific energy related to the 22 types that form the Major Arcana Tarot. It takes the Tarot in its archetypal representation and numerologic one of all human powers in distinct moments of life, rather than as a way to tell the future, to live life to the full right now, feeling the synergy with the available energy for each of us.

We invite you, via your senses and a small ritual that connects you to your Tarot, to channel your energy in your body and spirit, allowing this new vision and focus to enter in your life. Give yourself the gift of a moment of clarity and connection to the present to feel how you can become stronger with this new flow of sensations that directly connect with your subconsciousness to transform and illuminate your path.


Each synergy is an integration of one or more Essential Oils which are specific to each Tarot card, whether they be individual or synergised with others, making up the base of these synergies. The Essential Oils are a pure expression of the energising and medicinal virtues of aromatic plants, and of some fruits, trees, seeds and roots; these substances are highly concentrated and made up of a vast amount of molecules with the aim of maintaining the energetic equilibrium of the plant. These substances also help us to balance our vital energy flow, reconnecting with the personal and unique vibration of each one of us.


The choice of synergy and solid perfume as a channel to transmit the energy of the Tarot has been designed so that your ritual moment will be a deep, intimate and relaxing experience: with the power of the oils being gradually released in every use.