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Elige tu Trilogía de Sinergias


How to choose Synergies or Perfumes

You can choose them by the date of birth (see home page) or by the energies you want to boost.

1.- The Magician: Potential | Start | Action | Materialization
Roots the earth, brings confidence and energy to realize projects. See more

2.- High Priestess: Study | Concentration | Calm down | Comprehension
Help in study, concentration and understanding.See more

3.- The Empress: Creativity | Femininity | Security | Optimism
Stimulates the energy itself, opens the heart and allows to enjoy life. See more

4.-Emperor: Stability | Authority | Trust | Structure
It brings strength, serenity and mental flexibility.See more
* It is not recommended for pregnant women.

5.- The Pope: Empathy | Compassion | Spirituality | Meditation
Connect with the spiritual and open to universal love. See more

6.- Lovers:Decision | Resolution | Pleasure | Concentration
Delivery optimism, perspective and rational ability to decide. See more

7.- The Chariot: Progress | Action | Energy | Vitality
It gives confidence and inner strength to keep moving forward. See more
*Not recommended for pregnant women, children and hypertensive.

8.- Justice: Objectivity |Balance | Detachment | Order
It brings mental clarity and courage to evolve spiritually. See more
*Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.

9.- The Hermit: Overcoming | Release | Relief | Joy
Free from the past, connect with the universe and comfort the heart. See more

10.- The Wheel of Fortune: Flow | Detachment | Clarity | Perspective
It helps to flow and experience new relationships, brings calm and innocence.See more
*Not recommended for hypertensive, pregnant or people who have suffered from breast cancer or are being treated for it.

11.- Strength: Courage | Instinct | Overcoming | Determination
Stimulates, provides inner strength, determination, confidence, and adaptability.See more
*Not recommended for hypertensive, pregnant or nursing mothers.

12 .- The Hung Man: Trust | Acceptance | Calm down | Purification
It helps to evolve spiritually, heals the scars of the soul. See more

13.- Arcane without Name: Cleaning | Detachment | Overcoming | Optimism
Purify body, mind and soul. It helps to overcome deep changes. See more
* Not recommended for pregnant women.

14.- Temperance: Harmony | Integration | Acceptance | Ying Yang
Harmonizes the opposite poles, maintains the inner balance. See more
*Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or people with epilepsy.

15.- The Devil: Self-knowledge| Creativity | Libido | Impulsivity
Relax and stimulate to enjoy and know each part of the unconscious. See more

16.- Tower: Adaptability | Detachment | Analysis | Opportunities
It calms and refreshes the mind, they help to understand and adapt to new realities. See more
* Not recommended for pregnant women or children.

17.- The Star: Self-Esteem | Delivery | Acceptance | Energy
Reveals the latent abilities within each person. See more
*Not recommended for hypertensive, diabetic, pregnant or children.

18.- The Moon: Intuition | Clairvoyance | Channeling | Compassion
Wake up intuition and help connect with the universe.See more
*Not recommended for hypertensive, pregnant or people who have suffered from breast cancer or are being treated for it.

19.- The sun: Universal Love | Prosperity | Joy | Empathy
It evokes a paradise of universal love, understanding and compassion. See more

20.-The Judgment: Evolution |Peace | Contemplation | Understanding
Reward with satisfaction our learning along the way traveled. See more

21.- The world: Receptivity | Freedom | Integration | Value
It helps to finalize, integrate and release wisely, to be reborn in a new consciousness.See more
*Not recommended for hypertensive or pregnant women.

22.- The Fool:Freedom| Bravery | Trust | Curiosity
Aporta valor, curiosidad y deseo para emprender caminos excepcionales. Ver más

Application mode

Ideally, apply them in a quiet and / or intimate moment of the day such as waking up or when a situation makes you uneasy and you want to recover your energy. You can also apply them before going to sleep, as long as they are not of the stimulants such as 1 The Magician, 7 The car, 10 The wheel or 11 Strength.

Where they apply
All our synergies are topical
In most cases, its application is recommended in palms or wrists or soles of the feet.
The sacral chakra can also be applied to the lower belly to stimulate sexual energy.
The Ajna chakra can be applied by giving small circles in the temple.
Those that contain citrus fruits it is preferable to place them in places that are not going to be exposed to the sun for a minimum period of 1 hour, since the critics are photosensitive and can cause spots on the skin if it is exposed to the sun.

Additional information
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm

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