Choose your trilogy of chakras

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Choose 3 Synergies or liquid perfumes of the Chakras in three simple steps:

1 Select three synergies.
2 Click on the selection made.
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Choose your Chakras Trilogy

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How to choose Synergies or Perfumes

You can choose them according to the chakra you want to enhance and/or balance.

1.- Perfume Synergy MULADHARA || Root Chakra:
Stability| Rooting | Trust |Inner strength
Bring us root, inner strength, confidence, courage, warmth, connection with the body, union with the earth, acceptance of oneself and stability. See more

2.- Perfume Synergy SVADHISTHANA || Sacral Chakra:
Emotions | Creativity | Sexual Energy
Bring us joy, innocence, connection with the present moment, creativity, vigour. See more

3.- Perfume Synergy MANIPURA || Plexus Solar Chakra:
Will | Personal Power | Control | Own Freedom
Give us optimism, sovereignty, affirmation, relevance, flexibility, objectivity, harmony, discernment and adaptation. See more

4.- Perfume Synergy ANAHATA || Heart Chakra:
Love | Compassion | Devotion | Healing
They bring strength, calm, serenity, strength and emotional liberation, purification, regeneration, vitality and joy. See more

5.- Perfume Synergy Thymus Chakra
Intuition | Renaissance | Clarity | Perspective
Activate and purify the thymus in addition to stimulating inspiration, developing creativity and opening the door of the unconscious. See more

6.- Perfume Synergy VISHUDDHA || Troat Chakra:
Expression | True | Communication
Connect Vishuddha with Ajna, give us perspective to see things clearly, help identify the truth and affirm ourselves with courage, realigns the chakras and develops our verbal expression ability also helping to achieve harmonious communication with others . See more.

7 .- Perfume Synergy AJNA || Third Eye Chakra:
Wisdom | Vision | Intuition | Extrasensory perception
It brings vision, acceptance of other dimensions, mental clarity and spiritual discernment. Connect all the chakras, reactivates the energetic circulation of the kundalini and establishes a link between the root chakra and Ajna joining subconscious while holding us to the earth. See more

8.- Perfume Synergy SAHASRARA || Crown Chakra:
Transcendence | Spiritual connection | Connection with the Divine
they bring harmony, balance, purity and communication on a spiritual level establishing a link with our higher self. In addition, the Cedar connects and balances all the chakras by connecting the energy of the Earth with that of the sky. See more

Ingredients: synergy of essential oils in a base of Organic Jojoba Virgin Oil.

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