16 THE TOWER – LA MAISON DIEU || Tarot perfume


Adaptability| Detachment | Analysis | Opportunities

Effect:Calms and refreshes the mind, helps to understand and adapt to new realities.

16 The Tower o La Maison Dieu
The tower represents a radical change of structures, a rethinking of life, of what is really important, where we must create new structures.

Aroma: Herbal, spicy, intense and balsamic.

Together with your soap or perfume you will receive information about your pathof the tree of life and also a ritual or decree for you to connect with the energy of your arcane.



16 – The Tower or La Maison Dieu, soap and energy perfume.

Boost:Adaptability | Detachment | Analysis | Opportunities

Effect of Aromatherapy Synergy:

It helps us to keep a cool and analytical mind to understand the causes of life’s ups and downs and assume a new scenario, helping us to adapt to new situations and create new structures.


Herbal, spicy, intense and balsamic.

The Tarot Archetype

The tower or arcane 16 represents a radical change of structures. After having passed through the unconscious and hidden parts of the arcane 15 The Devil, there is a rethinking of life, of what is really important, that is why when we arrive at arcana 16 we realize that our past structures no longer serve us. We must create new structures, this is why the card of the arcane 16 shows a tower where fire enters at the top, we are illuminated drastically and in a certain way the world comes down to us, to rebuild it with solid foundations and consistent with what has been learned throughout life.

It also represents a new way of seeing the world from love, and an invitation to build life in harmony with our essential being.


Do not use during pregnancy or in children under 6 years.

  • With Essential Oils
  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Handmade
  • 98% vegetable ingredients
  • First Pressure Oils, Virgins, BIO
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • No palm oil
  • No sulfates, PEG’s or phthalates
  • No artificial aromas

Healing Properties of Perfume Base Ingredients

Our Tarot Perfumes are composed of two excellent base ingredients: Virgin Jojoba Oil and Candelilla Wax (Solid Perfume), to which we add the essential oils selected for each arcane. Virgin Jojoba Oil, is a liquid wax almost identical to human lipids but totally vegetable, so it is considered the best skin moisturizer, Candelilla Wax preserves the perfume in a solid state, retaining the volatile molecules of essential oils for that we can always take it with us, releasing the essential oils when coming into contact with the skin. Candelilla wax, apart from being emollient, is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, calming, regenerative and soothing.

Ingredients in the perfume

Extra Virgin Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax (Solid Perfume), Mentha X Piperita A.E .. Helichrysum italicum A.E.
Weight: 10g (Solid Perfume)

5 ml (Liquid Synergy)

Additional information
Weight N/A

Roll-on Liquid perfume, Solid Perfume 10 ml


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