Flow| Detachment | Clarity | Perspective

Effect:It helps to flow and experience new relationships, brings calm and innocence.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE o La Roue de Fortune
The wheel of fortune is the representation of the cycles of life, specifically it ends the earthly part of the major arcana of the tarot to take a leap and take us to the spiritual arcana.

Aroma: Warm, fresh and herbaceous spicy aroma

Together with your soap or perfume you will receive information about your pathof the tree of life and also a ritual or decree for you to connect with the energy of your arcane.



WHEEL OF FORTUNE or La Roue de Fortune, synergy or energy perfume of the tarot.

Boost:|Flow |Detachment | Clarity | Perspective

The Tarot Archetype

The wheel of the fortune is the representation of the cycles of the life, specifically it draws to an end the earth part of the arcana majors of the tarot to jump to take us to the spiritual arcana. Here the challenge is to let ourselves go, in the flow with life to push us to a higher stage, for this we will need confidence in the path we take and courage to face the unknown. The risk of the wheel is not daring to take the big step, the fear of moving forward and staying stuck and not trusting oneself.

Aromatherapy and Energetic Properties of Essential Oils:
Thyme Serpol, Sage and Benjuí

The essential oil of Thyme Limonene or Serpol (Thymus serpillum) revitalizes us and frees us of old ideas and experiences, allowing us to start again from innocence. Thyme essential oil (Thymus vulgaris) Invite the heart to experience new relationships. Sage essential oil (Salvia officinalis) It brings clarity and calm and opens our mind. Benjuí essential oil(Styrax benzoin) It creates a distance between us and events, allows us to see with perspective.

Medicinal Properties of Essential Oils

The essential oil of Thyme and Thyme Serpol as well as Sage are potent antibacterial and skin antiseptics, Sage is also regenerative and anti-inflammatory. Benjuí essential oil moisturizes and rejuvenates dry or cracked skin, as well as being anti-inflammatory.


Do not use in case of pregnancy, it can be abortive and hypertensive.
Do not use if tension medication is being taken.


Warm, fresh and herbaceous spicy aroma

  • With Essential Oils
  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Handmade
  • 98% vegetable ingredients
  • First Pressure Oils, Virgins, BIO
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • No palm oil
  • No sulfates, PEG’s or phthalates
  • No artificial aromas

Healing Properties of Perfume Base Ingredients

Our Tarot Perfumes are composed of two excellent base ingredients: Virgin Jojoba Oil and Candelilla Wax (solid perfume), we add the essential oils selected for each arcane. Virgin Jojoba Oil, is a liquid wax almost identical to human lipids but totally vegetable, so it is considered the best skin moisturizer, Candelilla Wax preserves the perfume in a solid state, retaining the volatile molecules of essential oils for that we can always take it with us, releasing the essential oils when coming into contact with the skin. Candelilla wax, apart from being emollient, is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, calming, regenerative and soothing.

Ingredients in the perfume

Extra Virgin Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax (Solid Perfume), Thymus serpillum A.E., Thymus vulgaris A.E.Salvia officinalis A.E., Styrax benzoin A.E.
Weight: 10g (solid perfume)
5 ml (Liquid Synergy)

Additional information
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Roll-on Liquid perfume, Solid Perfume 10 ml


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