The motivation behind the birth of Simaiblue was the integration of different alternative therapies, which has led to the creation of an aromatherapy product, a synergy of essential oils that through its topical use will bring you a physical, emotional and spiritual benefit, balancing and strengthening your own energy. Discover our three lines

Numerology and Tarot

An Aromatherapy line to enhance the vibration of each number, interpreted through the tarot.

A range of aromatherapy synergies designed to boost the energy of each number, through a mixture of essential oils. Choose one according to your date of birth or to enhance some special energy.

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Chakras Activation

An Ayurvedic aromatherapy line to activate, connect and balance the main chakras of the physical body.

Energy synergies made with essential oils that activate, align, connect and balance the main Ckakras of the physical and psychic body connecting it with the energies of the universe and the earth.

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Walk in the forest

An Antistress aromatherapy line inspired by the Japanese therapy Shinrin-yoku or Forest bath.

Take a walk through the natural landscapes of the Mediterranean coast with the synergies My Shinrin-yoku, connect with nature, improve your health and balance your emotions. They provide strength, vigor, immunity and tranquility.

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The essential oils produced by plants regulate our heart rhythm, rejoice, stimulate, relax and immunize, guide us to the present moment.

Why our energy synergies?


We do not use dyes or artificial products, the aromas and colors of our synergies come from essential oils


Being 100% natural and organic it is biodegradable and does not generate pollution


Its ingredients are first pressed, virgins and the majority BIO; beneficial to health


We have replaced beeswax with candelilla wax in our new formulas. All vegetable.


We have developed a synergy for each person, you will surely find yours.

Glass containers

We use high quality recyclable, reusable or returnable violet glass containers, ask us.

1. Read and Apply

Read the leaflet where all the information is.
Apply synergy on the palms of your hands or wrists.

2. Breathe

Pause, take a moment for yourself, breathe its aromas deeply and slowly , feel its various nuances, relax.

3. Integrate

Discover how gradually the benefits of synergy are already producing those changes by connecting with your own energy.

Why synergies work

Aromatherapy provides a physical and emotional stimulus to the body: physical at the time of application and absorption in the skin as well as in its inhalation and absorption through respiration, thus integrating the properties of plants in our physical body; and emotional at the moment of breathing the aroma, which goes directly to the emotions, without having to go through our mind, producing a direct connection between our emotional body and the vibration of the plants in each of the synergies.

How synergies work

By applying synergy to the skin, preferably in a moment of tranquility, you are giving order to both your physical, emotional and rational bodies to absorb that specific energy that you have chosen. You must bear in mind that the changes generated by the synergies are gradual and the results will depend on the perseverance and willingness of each person to make a change in their life.

Thanks to all our customers for trusting Simaiblue, and to all the people who have given us recognition for our work.