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0 or 22

0 is void, pure cosmic consciousness before manifestation, the infinity of which everything is part, like grains of sand. It is also the cosmic egg where the manifestation is present.

In the Tarot it is also 22, the last card or Arcanum The Fool, it represents that cosmic consciousness from where we come from and where we are going, it is the primary will driven by love. The first emanation of consciousness.

The Fool Arcane of the Tarot

On the way of the hero it symbolizes the moment when the will to take the path is present, not for the purpose of winning or losing, but for the mere enjoyment of the path itself.

The Archetype of the Fool carries in his bag, all the memories and experiences learned, his belt has 12 balls, 7 of which we can see and the other 5 are hidden from our eyes, they represent the 12 months of the year, the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 energies that we have on our way.

He is on the edge of a precipice, distracted looking at the sky without realizing that he is about to fall, his dog warns him to save him. This image illustrates the importance of being attentive to the path, and although we can always go one step further, we cannot be amazed looking at the sky.

The Fool and Kabbalah

In Kabbalah, the letter Aleph א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the creative Superconsciousness of the universe. The origin through the first contraction of infinity and its unity.

In this letter the creation is hidden, the union of the sky with the earth, is made up of 3 letters; 2 Yod and a Vav that separates them. One Yod to heaven and one to Earth.

Meditate with the energy of 0-22 The Fool

In moments of difficulty, meditating with this energy will bring us tranquility and joy, it will put us in contact with ouressence, our soul and for the reason that we are here, we will be able to see the problems with perspective, remove gravity, which will help us flow with freedom.

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